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Average Score Increase 18 15 N/A 15
Tutor Qualifications 99th-percentile 97th-percentile 164 on a "Princeton Review practice test" 90th percentile
Support Level phone, email, text, chat and Discord. phone, email, text, chat and Discord. Phone/Email Phone/Email/Chat/99th percentile tutors (with the live class only)
Course Pricing $895 for 6 months
$995 for 1 year
$1495 for Lifetime
$1599 for 12 weeks $1099 for 5 weeks $1199 for 6 weeks
Subscription Pricing $249/month (or $199/month if quarterly) $199/month N/A N/A
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Mobile App Ratings 4.7 Stars, 4.7k ratings N/A N/A N/A