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Kyle Ryman
Kyle Ryman
Texas A&M
quote I scored below a 150 on my first practice LSAT in November. In June I took the LSAT and scored a 170. I couldn’t have done it without LSATMax.
Austin Sheehy
Austin Sheehy
University of Central Oklahoma
quote LSATMax is my hero! My starting score was around a 155-158, and I scored a 170 on the June LSAT!
Bianca Mota
Bianca Mota
quote The instructor taught me the unseen, underlining way to look at LSAT questions in a much more tangible way I could understand.
The Washington Post
The Wall Street Journal
Tech Crunch
Above The Law
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Common Questions About the LSAT.

Can you retake the LSAT and improve your score?

This really depends on both how and how long you prepared for your first attempt. If you signed up for an 8-10 week course right before your LSAT, then you can absolutely improve your score by continuing to prep and retaking the LSAT.

Generally speaking, the longer you prepare for the LSAT, the higher you will score. This of course assumes that you are preparing with the correct strategies but the LSAT is learnable. What makes the LSAT unique in terms of standardized exams is that it is not a subject based exam. You are not being asked to memorize and regurgitate on the LSAT. You are being asked to change the way you think and changing the way you think takes longer.

Where to start with the LSAT?

The best place to start is by taking a real practice LSAT under simulated exam conditions. You can even simulate exam conditions with our iOS app, Exam Proctor.

Taking a practice LSAT will give you a very good understanding of the exam as well as your current score. Just do NOT get discouraged if you score lower than you were expecting. Remember, our founder's first practice LSAT made him reconsider law school altogether.

How long do LSAT scores last?

Your LSAT score is valid for five years. The Law School Admissions Council reports all LSAT scores for the prior 5 year period automatically. Your LSAT score must have been valid when the application cycle opened.

For example, assume a law school's application cycle opened on September 1, 2018. Students submitting an LSAT score for this application cycle must have taken the LSAT on or after September 1, 2013.

Where are LSAT test centers?

LSAT test centers are the physical locations where LSAC officially administers the LSAT. Test centers are available in the United States as well as abroad. These locations can be law schools, universities, community colleges and even hotels.

LSAT centers do fill up so if you are taking the LSAT, make sure you formally register as soon as possible to ensure that your ideal test center is available.

Which LSAT section to study first?

You can really study any of the three sections, i.e. Logical Reasoning, Logic Games and Reading Comprehension, first. What matters more is getting started with your LSAT prep as soon as possible to maximize your prep time.

That being said, LSATMax does provide a recommended LSAT study schedule to guide your prep because certain concepts build off of previous ones (e.g. Strengthen with Necessary Premise builds off of the concept of Sufficient & Necessary) so it is a good idea to go in order to avoid feeling lost and/or confused.

What do I need for the LSAT?

  1. Your LSAT Admission Ticket - you must present and sign page 1 of your admission ticket at the test center check-in table. The printout of your admission ticket must display the photo that you uploaded through your LSAC online account.
  2. Valid, Government-Issued Photo Identification - you will be required to present a valid, government-issued ID. The ID must be current (or have expired within 90 days of your test date) and must contain a recent and recognizable photo of you. The first and last name listed on your ID must match exactly the first and last name printed on your LSAT Admission Ticket.
  3. Pencils - bring three or four sharpened No. 2 or HB wooden pencils with good erasers. Mechanical pencils and mechanical erasers are prohibited. Pencils and sharpeners WILL NOT be supplied at the test center.

How is the LSAT scored and how does scoring work?

Your LSAT score is entirely based on the number of questions answered correctly on the four scored multiple choice sections of the exam.

Each LSAT has 100 or 101 questions and the number you answer correctly is your raw score. Your raw score is then converted using your specific LSAT's conversion chart into your scaled score of 120-180.

Why LSAT vs GRE?

The most significant argument for taking the LSAT over the GRE has nothing to do with the structure of the tests. The fact remains that 75 percent of law schools do not accept the GRE. Why limit yourself to a handful of schools if you have a serious desire to be a lawyer?

If you’re aiming for the best law schools in the country, for instance, you’ll be able to apply to Harvard but not Yale.

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