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Admissions Consulting

LSATMax has multiple consultants meticulously review candidates’ essays based on content, structure and grammar to ensure short answer and response sections hit their required marks.

Single Essay Edit


  • Detailed review of one essay or personal statement draft (up to 1000 words)
  • Overall assessment with qualitative feedback
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Comprehensive Essay


  • Work closely with senior consultants to develop a differentiated statement from scratch
  • Up to 4 Revisions
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Total Consulting Package


  • Comprehensive engagement with consulting team
  • Comprehensive application support
  • School identification
  • Candidate branding
  • Personal statement and essay outlining
  • Up to 4 Revisions
  • Resume review
  • Interview preparation
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A Flawless Application is Our Standard

Inadvertent errors and discrepancies on law school applications are detrimental to your chances for admission.

Critical: Thematic consistency across your personal statement, recommendations, and essay(s) without redundancy.

LSATMax Guarantees

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Application elements that go beyond generic by presenting a holistic picture of your work and academic history.

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To keep the application consistent – a full review.

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This includes a rigorous, step-by-step overview of your application for content, structure, grammar and presentation.

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Taking things even further is an application testing process of all elements: essay communication points consistency, letters of recommendation, resume and non-essay data portions.

Bottom Line

Having a buttoned-up application with thematic consistency is not optional, it’s a necessity for admission.

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