Law School
Total Consulting Package

A comprehensive solution to maximize your admissions chances.


Why it Matters?

All steps to achieving your law school dream have led here. All the sacrifices — Countless hours studying for exams and standardized tests, early morning volunteering, summer study abroad versus vacation — have brought you to the final hurdle. The law school application process. Perfection is necessary.

The good news — you don't have to go it alone. Our trusted experts, who are alumni of premier global universities and have admissions consulting experience, are at the ready to provide all the necessary components and guidance to completing an application that will be unsurpassed by those of your peers. These specially trained admissions consultants will be there every step of the way, from law school selection to application submission.

Whether your scenario involves applying to reach schools like Harvard, Yale, or Stanford or a specialized law program, LSATMax will maximize your chances of admission to your top law school choice.

What's Included?

Initial application strategy — identifying differentiating characteristics and the supporting experiences.

Complete application structuring.

Law school targeting based on academic and professional goals, curriculum, cost, location and selectivity.

Essay strategy: pre-writing and editing a comprehensive essay outline with the application as a whole in mind.

Guidance in choosing the best individuals to provide recommendations, including specifics to request in said recommendation.

Interview preparation via a mock interview, concluding with detailed feedback for potential improvements.

Who Should Use It?

Candidates striving for the ultimate success, without leaving any details to chance. Those who desire comprehensive application support on every aspect of the application process, from beginning to end.

When Should I Sign Up?

If you are beginning to plan a few months ahead of applications being released, or during application season itself, the time is right.


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