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Detailed Analytics

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Authentic LSAT Simulator

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With our proven track record with students from all backgrounds, we are confident that we can guide you to LSAT excellence.

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We Support You All the Way to the Finish Line.

To acheive the score you need it takes a high level of personalized support. Through our one-on-one coaching sessions and check-ins, you'll receive individualized attention and feedback, allowing you to address specific challenges and refine your test-taking strategies for optimal results.

Intuative & Advanced In-Course Features.

Analytics & Score Reports

Intellegent data-driven insights guide you to efficiently focus on key topics, refine your strategy, and approach the exam with confidence.

Authentic LSAT Experience

Experience exam readiness like never before with real practice questions from previous exams and an authentic exam simulator.

Personalized Attention

Studying online doesn't mean that you are alone. Enjoy personalized attention via live classes, message boards, and support.

Our Students Present the Best Case.

5 Stars with 4.5k Reviews

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How the Guarantee Works.

Who is Eligible?

First-time LSATMax students who do not achieve 170+ on their official LSAT or do not increase their score by 10 or more points.

Baseline ≥ 160 = 170+ guarantee
Baseline < 160 = 10+ points improvement

What Counts as a Baseline Score?

(1) an official LSAT score taken within six (6) months prior to purchasing LSATMax or

(2) LSATMax’s Free Practice LSAT taken between six (6) months prior to purchasing the course and within one (1) week of purchase.

How Much of the Program Must Be Completed?

Course Completion: All modules of LSATMax’s core curriculum must be digitally completed (i.e., the “Study” tab).

Practice LSATs: All six (6) course diagnostics must be completed and at least four (4) additional Official LSAT Prep Tests.

Tutoring: All eight (8) tutoring hours must be used.

All required work must be completed prior to official LSAT date.

What are My Options if I Qualify?

Option 1:
Free Extension: Complimentary access for an additional six months.
Discount on Tutoring: 25% OFF any additional private tutoring.

Option 2:
Money Back: A refund of the amount paid less the 8 hours of private tutoring since tutoring hours cannot be refunded. LawHub Advantage is also not refundable.

How Do I Redeem?

Students must take the official LSAT within 60 days of course expiration.

Students must also download an official score report and email it to support@testmaxprep.com within two (2) weeks of receipt of official score.

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