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Our Office Hours Portal is the largest library of topic specific LSAT prep content created by 99th-percentile tutors on the market. It is like having not one but many 99th-percentile LSAT tutors in your pocket, available to you 24/7.

This subscription is for students who have been preparing for the LSAT and can pinpoint their specific weaknesses. Take your weaknesses, jump into our Office Hours Portal, filter by topic in the top right-hand corner and watch your target score become a reality!

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Upcoming Schedule:
Calendar web 6b861e73edda296370f187121ed208a0544e1e597bec016b409e2b58d34e246dTue Oct 18 at 2pm
Logic Games: Linear Games (Intermediate)
Calendar web 6b861e73edda296370f187121ed208a0544e1e597bec016b409e2b58d34e246dWed Oct 19 at 8am
Logical Reasoning: Argument Completion Drill Workshop
Calendar web 6b861e73edda296370f187121ed208a0544e1e597bec016b409e2b58d34e246dThu Oct 20 at 8am
Reading Comprehension: Phenomenon/Explanation Passages
Calendar web 6b861e73edda296370f187121ed208a0544e1e597bec016b409e2b58d34e246dFri Oct 21 at 8am
Logic Games: Multi-Linear Games (Intermediate)
Calendar web 6b861e73edda296370f187121ed208a0544e1e597bec016b409e2b58d34e246dSat Oct 22 at 8am
Logical Reasoning: Must Be True Questions (Intermediate)
Calendar web 6b861e73edda296370f187121ed208a0544e1e597bec016b409e2b58d34e246dSun Oct 23 at 8am
Reading Comprehension: Generalization/Example Passages

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