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Our Live Class Portal is the largest library of topic specific LSAT prep content created by 99th-percentile tutors on the market. It is like having not one but many 99th-percentile LSAT tutors in your pocket, available to you 24/7.

This subscription is for students who have been preparing for the LSAT and can pinpoint their specific weaknesses. Take your weaknesses, jump into our Live Class Portal, filter by topic in the top right-hand corner and watch your target score become a reality!

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Recent Schedule:
Fri May 17 at 4pm
Comparative Passages (Intermediate) with Mika
Sun May 19 at 9am
PT94: LR2 Questions 24-26 Walkthrough (Advanced) with Emil
Sat May 18 at 10am
Multi-Linear Games (Advanced) with Nate
Mon May 20 at 4pm
Legal Passages (Advanced) with Mika
Tue May 21 at 8am
Group Games: 2 Groups (Advanced) with Nate
Wed May 22 at 10am
Planning the Last Two Weeks Before the June LSAT (Advanced) with Lewis

High Marks on TrustPilot


Company ethics/ customer service and…

Company ethics/ customer service and pricing.
Andre Farmer Apr 21

Teaching + Practice

The amount of practice material is amazing. The answer explanations and concept videos have also helped tremendously.
Isaac Apr 19

I love how friendly it is!y

I love how friendly it is!y It breaks down all concepts and gives me practical tools to quickly solve every single LSAT question! Best program I've purchased!
Laura Apr 14

Learning is increased when you can go back…

Learning is increased when you can go back to review sections with questions
Sam Jordan Apr 05

Worked decently well for me!

The on demand course format accessibly for a year ended up being exactly what I needed, because I was too burnt out to study when I originally planned to. My tutor (Caroline) was great at helping me study and she also helped me work on my app materials! My score only went up 4 points via practice and 3 points on my final test but I think this has more to do with my lack of rigorous study schedule. But my score did what was needed!
Briana Payton Apr 05

I wish I started using this site…

I wish I started using this site earlier. I helps structure wise when it came to study always knowing my weaknesses and focusing on those areas instead. I just started using this for a month so we will see so far so good.
Narinka Guichette Mar 30

LSATMax is great- the modules are…

LSATMax is great- the modules are broken down just right and easy to understand. I get plenty of practice as well as instruction. Nate has been my tutor, and he is a rockstar at explaining things and helping me make connections.
Monica Mar 30

"Overcoming Barriers: A Journey to Law School with TestMax's Support"

What aspects of your experience were exceptional? Facing the challenge of a disability, I aspired to pursue law but was hindered by financial constraints in preparing for the LSAT. Generously, Mehran, the proprietor of TestMax, granted me complimentary access to their preparatory materials following a fee waiver from LSAC. Given my necessity for online education due to my disability, I applied to various online law programs. However, the LSAT presented obstacles, primarily due to the exam proctors' lack of training in accessibility, resulting in a score in the lower 120s. What strengths does this company exhibit? TestMax provided me with the invaluable opportunity to prepare for the LSAT at no cost, instilling in me the confidence to at...
Nicole Mar 17

Only thing stopping this from being a 5…

Only thing stopping this from being a 5 in my opinion is the occasional typo, I think I've only found 2 so far, in the study questions for various topics. And I noticed one overlapping question stem in Kahn Academy's free version. That being said I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the expertise provided by my tutors I am the kind of student who prefers a specified one-on-one learning environment. As well as the lecturers because I can select any topic at a given time to work on. I never took any form of preparation before a standardized test but the LSAT felt to important to not try my absolute best so I appreciate the effort and the option to have this service available.

If you want to improve/crush your LSAT, LSATMax is going to be your best friend.

If you want to improve/crush your LSAT, LSATMax is going to be your best friend. The program supplies the individual with an amazing toolkit for success. It is a well organized program which tracks your progress, has amazing informational videos that support a smooth learning process, and also has amazing tutors who are knowledgeable and care about your journey. The program even has a special analytic features to support the student in seeing their problem areas, as well as, their successful areas. I enjoy the live office hours. Another great feature is, if you miss the office hours and wanted to see what they worked on, you have the ability to go back and watch them. Mehran and Jessica care about their community and are very accessible....
Zoe Jan 31

TestMax offers the most comprehensive…

TestMax offers the most comprehensive study program for the most affordable price compared to competitors on the market. Their tutors are also some of the most intellectual and practical teachers I've ever encountered and helped me reach me potential.
Elliot Efrat Jan 31

Good format

Good format. Good tutorials. However, the ergonomics of the websites need to improve. A lot of small issues are annoying as hell. Plus, the subscription fee is a little too much!
Yuzhuo Cao Jan 24

So far it’s just been amazing

So far it’s just been amazing. The curriculum is thorough , mehran is a huge help, and my private tutor is fantastic. Would recommend !!
Leigh Gerber Jan 08

great examples ....

great examples .... detail information ... why answers are wrong and right ... I need a Study schedule for the May, 2024 Exam thanks
Marc Burton Dec 18

Organization will work with you to achieve your goal

I appreciate the company willingness to work with me in resolving my concerns and enabling me to pursue my goals.
Anthony Edwards Dec 04

163 to 178

By sticking to LSATMax's flexible yet rigorous program and utilizing office hours with their excellent tutors, I was able to improve my score from a 163 to a 178. LSATMax is intuitive and easy to use; and, most importantly, the LSATMax team is constantly innovating, exploring new strategies and methods to get an edge on its competition. Indeed, I would recommend LSATMax to anyone at any point in their LSAT journey.
Devon Page Nov 30

A grade

A++ in review
Rahul Thakur Nov 29

Best Experience

The best prep course hands down!!!
Mouhannad Salloukh Nov 09

I like the structure of the course

I like the structure of the course. Makes everything clear and concise. I also found the planning calendar very useful
Thomas Manko Oct 16

The material that is being presented…

The material that is being presented and the "homework" that is assigned is helping me greatly. I do feel like some of the videos are too long and could be broken up into shorter segments, but I think that is just a personal preference for me.
Nicholas Harkins Oct 14

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