Logic Games Setups

Logic Games, also referred to as Analytical Reasoning, is often thought of as the most difficult section of the LSAT. However, it is also the easiest section to improve on once the right strategies are learned and implemented.

The logic games section consists of four games with 5-8 questions each. Every game begins with a scenario followed by a set of rules. The questions then test the test-taker's ability to draw inferences by applying these rules.

The first step of undertaking any logic game is diagramming the setup. This allows you to keep track of the rules and all of the possible solutions.

Within the logic games section there are also different game types such as sequencing games, group games, and linear games to name a few. Each has their own diagramming technique which, if implemented properly, will make answering the questions much easier.

Click on a game below to explore how to diagram the setups for each of the games in 75 the previous LSAT prep tests administered by the LSAC.

These diagramming strategies are also covered in more detail in the LSATMax course.