What is LSATMax?

Created by the same Harvard Law School alumni behind BarMax Bar Exam, MBE & MPRE Review, LSATMax is the pioneer in comprehensive LSAT prep on mobile, and the only course to offer students instant and on-demand access to proven strategies guaranteed to raise your score.

With the convenience of a course you can access on web or mobile, you can ditch the classroom and study anytime, anyplace, ensuring that your LSAT prep fits into your schedule—not to mention your budget.

How can I access LSATMax?

The LSATMax is available to try for free online and on mobile from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Why should I choose LSATMax over other LSAT prep courses?

LSATMax was designed to address all of the inefficiencies of traditional LSAT prep options—exorbitant prices, crapshoot instructor quality, set schedules and limited access to non-personalized, teach-to-the-mean LSAT prep.

LSATMax is the only LSAT prep course to offer instant access to proven strategies guaranteed to raise your LSAT score. This means that you will have access to all your course materials the moment you enroll.

Your lead instructor, Mehran, started with an LSAT score in the 140s. He eventually scored a 174, which got him accepted to Harvard Law School where he graduated in 2010. He has been teaching LSAT prep for over a decade now so you will have access to only the highest quality LSAT prep instruction as an LSATMax student.

Just as important, you will have access to all of your LSAT prep materials on-demand so you can access them at anytime from anywhere, with or without Internet access.

In addition to detailed, white-board video lessons, you will have access to homework assignments to reinforce the strategies you’ve learned and diagnostic exams to track your LSAT score.

Additionally, our app’s analytics will track your progress highlighting your strengths and weaknesses to create a uniquely personalized LSAT prep experience.

You will not find a more affordable, more convenient or more effective comprehensive LSAT prep course on the market. But don’t take our word for it—check out our Apple App Store reviews and our testimonials.

Does LSATMax use real LSAT questions?

Absolutely! Every single LSAT question in LSATMax is a real, officially licensed LSAT question from previous LSATs.

In fact, we currently offer every single LSAT question that has been made available for license by LSAC—Prep Tests 1-94 and the June 2007 LSAT.

Do NOT waste your time or money on LSAT prep materials and/or courses that use made-up LSAT questions.

I do not own an iPad or other tablet. Does this mean I can only access my LSATMax materials on my phone?

Absolutely not! In addition to access to LSATMax Online, we also offer hardcopies of all course materials for students who are interested.

You can read more about using LSATMax with just an iPhone here.

Can I access LSATMax on more than one device?

Yes, you can access LSATMax from your computer, one mobile phone and one tablet device.

In addition to video lessons, what else is included with the LSATMax course?

Just like traditional LSAT prep courses, LSATMax includes homework assignments to reinforce the strategies you will learn in the video lessons and diagnostic exams to track the progress of your LSAT score throughout the course.

In addition to these full course materials, you will also receive access to every prep test release by the LSAC, currently Prep Tests 1-95.

What if I have questions? Will I have access to instructors?

In addition to 24/7 email support and phone support Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm PST, every single question inside of the LSATMax app has a real-time message board where you can post questions and communicate directly with your LSAT instructors.

Which LSATMax package do you recommend?

Our LSATMax 365 package is ideal for students who are planning on taking the LSAT in six months to a year from now and need to to raise their score as much as possible.

If you have a shorter time frame to study for the LSAT, we recommend either LSATMax 180 or LSATMax 60 and supplementing with extra tutoring hours.

LSATMax 365 is for students looking to score from the mid-160s to 180 while LSATMax 180 and 60 are recommended for students with a target LSAT score below 165.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a free trial both in-app and online.

Inside of the app, all of the colored icons indicate free content.

You can register for a free trial right now online.

Do you offer a free practice LSAT?

Not only do we offer a free practice LSAT both online and in-app, we also offer free video explanations for every single Logic Games question and every single Logical Reasoning question.

We also offer a free Mini Practice LSAT to give you a sense of where your strong and weak areas are when you are getting started.

Does LSATMax offer a higher score guarantee?

While it is great that LSATMax is more affordable and the most convenient LSAT prep course on the market, what matters most is that it works.

We are so confident that LSATMax will increase your score that you will be eligible for a refund if you are not able to raise your score with LSATMax.

You can read more about our Higher Score Guarantee here.

Does LSATMax provide a study schedule?

Yes. LSATMax provides a recommended study schedule.

You can find a sample LSAT study schedule here.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we have partnered with Affirm to offer 0% financing* starting as low as $42/month.

You can read more about Affirm Monthly Payments here.

*0% financing is available but students must qualify for it. Affirm is a soft credit check so the application process has no impact on your credit score.

Does LSATMax offer financial aid?

Yes! In fact, LSATMax was the first LSAT prep course to offer an LSAC Fee Waiver Scholarship.

The LSATMax Scholarship is available to any student who qualifies for an LSAC fee waiver and will get you complimentary access to LSATMax for as long as the fee waiver is valid.

Can I upgrade from one package to another?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time by paying the difference in price.

How can I cancel my monthly subscription?

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time by emailing us or by calling 855.483.7862.

Does LSATMax include hardcopy materials?

Yes. We offer print books of our lesson materials for students who request it. Now that the LSAT is a digital exam we encourage students to take practice exams using our authentic exam simulator in the course.

How long will I have access to LSATMax?

LSATMax comes with instant access. This means you will have access to all your materials as soon as you enroll in a course.

The different LSATMax course tiers each have different access periods. We offer 30, 180, and 365 day access to accommodate all student needs.

How does tutoring work?

During your first session your tutor will evaluate you to learn more about you, your goals and where you are in your LSAT journey. From there they will help you create a personalized study plan to help guide you efficiently going forward.