Frequently Asked Questions

Current LSAT prep courses have three main vices: they are outdated, inefficient, and, the kicker, they are overpriced. These are three characteristics that tie most LSAT prep courses together, save LSATMax. Our philosophy is to use the latest technology to break down not only the financial barrier to LSAT prep, but the geographical one as well.

Access to high-quality LSAT prep should not be limited to those students who can afford to shell out $1000+ and who happen to live in select urban areas that actually have high-quality in-class prep options. What about all those students who don’t live in big cities and who don’t have money trees growing in their backyards? With LSATMax, we offer access to affordable, high-quality LSAT prep anywhere you are.

How are we able to do this? We are an app! We’re talking about an app that helps you prep for the LSAT. The LSATMax app is just like Angry Birds. That is, if Angry Birds was an exceptional LSAT prep course. But, really, it’s simple: With LSATMax, you will score higher, spend less and study everywhere.

Absolutely! When you purchase the LSATMax full course, you will receive a Welcome Packet that includes all of the lessons, homework assignments and diags in PDF format, allowing you to print up hard copies and study outside of your mobile device.

You also have the option of purchasing hard copy books that include all of the Prep Tests directly from us.

While LSATMax is a remote learning process, you are NOT ALONE! For each question that appears inside of LSATMax, there is a specific message-board where students can interact with each other as well as with LSATMax’s world-class instructors, who have scored in the 99th percentile on a real LSAT and have over ten years of LSAT prep experience.

LSATMax also includes 24/7 email support and telephone support Monday-Friday 10am-7pm PST.

Absolutely not! The LSATMax app gives you the flexibility to study on-the-go but you can also study outside of your mobile device. You can access all of our video lessons online or use Apple TV/Chromecast to turn your television into your LSAT prep instructor.

When you purchase the LSATMax full course, you will also receive a Welcome Packet that includes all of the lessons, homework assignments and diags in PDF format allowing you to print up hard copies.

Yes, each student who purchases will receive access to it one tablet and one phone per account (so 2 devices in total).You will also receive access to the Full Course online.

Yes! You can download LSATMax LSAT Prep for free in the Google Play Store

We actually get this question a lot. In a vacuum, $499 is still a lot of money. The reason you may think LSATMax is inexpensive is that the LSAT prep space has been outdated, inefficient and overpriced for decades.

Today! With LSATMax you get instant access to the course as soon as you purchase it.

LSATMax comes with lifetime access and support. Almost all other LSAT prep courses limit the time students have access to 2- or 3-month windows, and then charge them again if they are not ready to take the LSAT and want to continue preparing. So not only are such courses overcharging you to begin with, but they are also placing narrow time limits on your access to the materials they provide.

Limiting students’ access to a specific period of time is problematic for a number of reasons. Some students may feel that they should be ready to take the LSAT when their prep course has finished (especially since they will no longer have access to study materials). This is not necessarily true. Every student is different, and since the LSAT is testing a way of thinking (as opposed to mastery of a specific subject matter), some students require more time to prepare.

With LSATMax, time is on your side. We do not believe in limiting our students to any timeline that is not their own. LSATMax comes with lifetime access and support so you never have to worry about losing access to your LSAT prep materials.

Easy! Go to the App Store on your mobile (i.e. iOS or Android) and download LSATMax for free. There’s tons of free content to get you started! We’d recommend starting by taking the June 2007 exam. Use this exam to get comfortable with the format and sections of the LSAT. You can use our exceptional analytics to pinpoint where your initial strengths and weaknesses lie. Our analytics will give you a full breakdown, not only of which sections you did best and worst on, but also of what question types and categories were easiest and most difficult for you. Every Logical Reasoning question and every Logic Games question on the June 2007 exam has a full whiteboard video explanation, and every Reading Comprehension question highlights which lines correspond to the correct answer. If you have further questions on the exam, you can use our message board feature at the top right corner of each question and our instructors will get back to you shortly with further explanations.

Once you’ve finished all of our free content, please feel free to contact us for any promotions we may have. Students who are looking for a comprehensive LSAT prep course can purchase our full course. Students who are looking for a supplement can purchase individual sections. LSATMax provides the option for each student to customize his or her prep course. If you’d only like an in-depth tutorial on the Logic Games or a few LSAT practice exams, we have an option for you.

Our full course includes white board video lessons by Harvard law alumni, hundreds of hours of video explanations to the questions, hundreds of flashcards drilling on different Logical Reasoning techniques, 7,000 real questions from previous LSATs, 75 full-length LSATs (Prep-Tests 1-75), a customizable calendar to guide you through the 2-month program, and a sketchpad feature for diagramming on the go.

We have world-class LSAT instructors who have all scored in the 99th percentile on a real LSAT and have over a decade of LSAT prep experience.

We also offer our students a free 12-week digital subscription The Economist, because we feel the more you read, the higher you will score on the Reading Comprehension section. Our website is also a great resource for our students. It offers video setups for Logic Games, and has a great blog with tips and tricks for the LSAT, law school and everything in between. LSATMax also has an Instagram account and a Pinterest account that posts promotions as well as daily drills and explanations. Our Facebook account also has promotions, and Spotify study playlists!

Feel free to call us if you have any questions!
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