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Proven Strategies

Masterful curricula crafted by the best instructors in the industry.

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Elite Instructors

From Harvard professors to 99th percentile talent.

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Detailed Analytics

Rich insights show how to efficiently improve performance.

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Flexible & Convenient

On-demand content available anywhere on any device.

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The Success of
Our Students
Speaks Volumes.

TestMax has helped thousands of students around the world achieve success on their exams and change the trajectory of thier lives.

Kyle Ryman

Kyle Ryman

Texas A&M

+20 Points with LSATMax


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"I scored below a 150 on my first practice LSAT in November. In June I took the LSAT and scored a 170. I couldn’t have done it without LSATMax."

Chris Dinkel

Chris Dinkel

Oral Roberts University

+22 Points with LSATMax


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"I went from a 152 to a 174. I'm just excited to have a shot at top end schools again."

Robert Leeds

Robert Leeds

+15 Points with LSATMax


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"I attribute this score jump to LSATMax's comprehensive video lectures and the incredible tutors. I highly recommend LSATMax."

The Best Instructors
in The Industry.

Ross rinehart 1127d38acb333c1f706df18bb288933ccafc12dd310d8085977d435ffc6534a8

Ross Rinehart

LSAT Instructor

LSATMax Content Director Ross Rinehart graduated from UCLA in 2009 with a BA in English and Political Science, and from USC Law in 2013.

Celeste bolos 3d0def0cd6da3ef488ce0334da4f5aec75c65a17df965a33577b90654ec6889d

Celeste Bolos

BAR Instructor

BarMax Content Director Celeste Pagano Boles holds a B.A. with High Honors from the University of California at Berkeley and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Jonathan herzog 9360fcf8c6701406475c264b0aeff8b8db906d49a9b29ac94af980aec0d30aef

Jonathan Herzog

GRE Instructor

Jonathan was born and raised in New York City. He graduated 1st in his class at Harvard, completed his MBA at NYU Stern, and earned his JD at Harvard Law School.

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