Improving Your Reading Skills with LSATMax

With the Logic Games section officially removed, the LSAT now is undeniably a test of your reading skills, first and foremost.

This sounds like it might make the test easier. You obviously know how to read. But the reading skills you’ve developed throughout your education and career don’t necessarily translate to the LSAT. And ask any LSAT expert which version of the test they’d rather take. You’ll find very few who’d prefer to take the new version.

Not all LSAT programs are up to the challenge of teaching the new version of the LSAT. While it’s easy enough to teach anyone how to complete a logic game, teaching someone how to read the way the LSAT wants you to read is another challenge entirely.

After all, it’s no secret that the LSAT is written in a deliberately confusing way. The test-makers have all sorts of tricks to express straightforward ideas in a complicated way. Many test-takers have trouble understanding what Logical Reading and Reading Comp passages are getting at, especially under the test’s tight time constraints.

At LSATMax, we haven’t ignored this challenge. Our curriculum features a two-hour video lesson called “Fundamental Skills: Reading the LSAT,” which provides our students with simple, intuitive techniques—based on grammatical and logical principles—to help them understand the difficult text on the LSAT.

Because success on the LSAT must start with understanding the arguments on Logical Reading and Reading Comp, this is our first skills-based lesson. Learning and practicing the strategies taught in this lesson will help you understand what these arguments are saying, identify their main points and structures, and discover why most of these arguments are flawed.

Additionally, our series of “Intro to Reading Comp” lesson videos will apply this skill set to the Reading Comprehension section. These videos will provide intuitive concepts to help you understand these passages, regardless of their subject matter.

The “Intro to Reading Comp” lesson videos will teach you how to use the LSAT’s digital tools to break down the passage’s content and structure. They’ll also provide step-by-step approaches to help you answer the questions more quickly and accurately. And best of all, these methods are accessible to any test-taker and adaptable to any target score. According to our students, this approach has “cracked Reading Comp.”

We don’t want to gatekeep these lessons either. We believe that every test-taker should understand the fundamental skills, so we've made these lessons available to you when you sign up for a free LSATMax account. So, take the first step towards mastering the new reading-focused LSAT. Sign up for a free account today, and start preparing with the best resources available.