On the LSAT, Time is Not on Your Side

On the LSAT, Time is Not on Your Side

LSAT 101

What is the LSAT?


When Should I Take the LSAT?

LSAT Scantron

General Information About the LSAT


LSAC Lifts LSAT Retake Limit & Increases Number of LSAT Administrations


9 Myths About the LSAT

LSAT exam

History of the LSAT

LSAT Questions notebook

What Types of Questions are on the LSAT?

LSAT Tablet

The Tablet LSAT is Coming!

LSAC Retake Policy

Important Changes to the LSAT Retake Policy

LSAT Percentiles Conversion Chart

LSAT Percentiles

LSAT Test Dates

LSAT Test Dates

Exam in Progress

What is the LSAT Exam And How To Pass It

The Legal Level Podcast Cover Art

The Legal Level Podcast: Why do I have to take the LSAT, anyway?

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Guide to the LSAT Test Structure

Young woman taking LSAT exam

What to Bring to LSAT on Testing Day - Everything You Can & Can't Bring

LSAT fees

How Much Is the LSAT?

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When Should I Take the LSAT?

LSAT score on a phone

How Long Are LSAT Scores Valid

LSAT fee waiver program

What is the LSAT Fee Waiver Program?

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LSAT Accommodations

Person struggling studying for for the LSAT

Is the LSAT Hard?

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How Many Times Can You Take the LSAT?

Person taking an LSAT test

How Long Is the LSAT? - 3 hours and 45 minutes

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Recent Updates to the LSAT in 2021