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AI LSAT tutor

Can AI Be Your LSAT Tutor?

Control-F on the LSAT

How Should You Use CTRL-F on the LSAT?

What's next for the LSAT on a postit note

So Now What Happens to LSAT?

American Bar Association Building

Long Live the LSAT?

Student taking notes during LSAT Logical Reasoning section

Bad LSAT Advice – Should I Use Scratch Paper on the Logical Reasoning Section?

Picture of calendar with LSAT exam date marked

New LSAT Dates, Same LSAT Games

Student taking an online LSAT practice exam

Bad LSAT Advice – How Many Practice Exams Should I Take Each Week?

Frowning face in a speech bubble

Bad Advice You've Gotten About the LSAT

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Bar Review

Lawyer looking over documents with hourglass

Character and Fitness: The Bar's Background Check

Two people meeting to discuss law practice

Do "Informational Interviews" Actually Get Lawyers Jobs?

LSAT student and tutor in a tutoring session

Introducing BarMax's New Private LSAT Tutoring Dashboard

Law school textbooks

Law School Transfer – Reasons You Should (and Shouldn't) Transfer

Lady justice

What to Look for in a Sports Law School

Judge looking at papers

How to Get a Clerkship – Application Advice

Man Studying for the Bar Exam

What Is The Bar Exam and How to Pass It?

Woman signing contract with a fountain pen

Contracts MBE Sample Questions Intro

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First Year (1L)

healthy foods for law school

Foods and Drinks to Help With Cognition & Energy in Law School

Legal Discovery Process

What is the Legal Discovery Process

lawyer doing their job

9 Jobs You Can Do With a Legal Degree—Besides Practice Law

studying for law school

12 Law Student Necessities

Best Law School Podcasts

9 Best Law School Podcasts

6 tips for settling in to 1L law school

6 Ways to Settle In for the First Year of Law School

media waiting for a statement

3 Ways the Media Has Influenced Trial Outcomes

law school vlogger

7 Law School Vloggers & Bloggers to Follow

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