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Young man standing over grave of Logic Games

Last Chance to Register for the RIP Logic Games Webinar

Woman taking the LSAT exam at home on her computer

Making Sure You Can Take the LSAT at Home

LSAT Logic Games Going Away

Should You Take the LSAT with Logic Games?

Young woman meditating in a green field

Make a Healthy Study Process Your New Year's Resolution for 2024

Woman looking at her reflection and reasoning

The LSAT for Visual Learners: A New Approach to Parallel and Flawed Parallel Reasoning Questions

A young woman standing in front of a blackboard. Strong arms drawn behind

The LSAT for Visual Learners: A New Approach to Sufficient Assumptions

Law students walking into NYU law building

Your 2023-24 Law School Admissions Cheat Sheet - Part II

LSAT Quantifiers "Most" "Some"

The LSAT for Visual Learners: A New Approach to "Most," "Some," and Other Quantifiers

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Bar Review

Bar examinees taking the bar exam

February & July 2024 Bar Exams – What to Expect

Light bulb legal scales bar exam

Demystifying the Bar: What Exactly Is On the Bar Exam?

Letter blocks spelling out hybrid online JD program

Online and Hybrid JD Programs: Where Are We Today?

Woman being lifted up into the air

Supporting Your Loved Ones Through Bar Prep

people running a marathon shot from above

How the Bar Exam is Like a Marathon

Woman using sign language in bar tutoring session

Disability Accommodations on the Bar Exam

Woman walking into a courthouse

Returning to the Law After Time Away

TestMax and International Bar Mentors logos

TestMax, Inc. Acquires International Bar Mentors to Supplement BarMax's Foreign Student Offerings

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First Year (1L)

healthy foods for law school

Foods and Drinks to Help With Cognition & Energy in Law School

Legal Discovery Process

What is the Legal Discovery Process

lawyer doing their job

9 Jobs You Can Do With a Legal Degree—Besides Practice Law

studying for law school

12 Law Student Necessities

Best Law School Podcasts

9 Best Law School Podcasts

6 tips for settling in to 1L law school

6 Ways to Settle In for the First Year of Law School

media waiting for a statement

3 Ways the Media Has Influenced Trial Outcomes

law school vlogger

7 Law School Vloggers & Bloggers to Follow

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