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Over the past year, LSATMax students have averaged an 18-point LSAT score increase on their practice LSATs.

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+11 points
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Why is LSATMax the #1-rated LSAT Prep Course on the market? Unparalleled results!

Your LSAT score is by far the number one factor in law school admissions which means how you choose to prepare is the most important decision you can make on your law school journey. With LSATMax, you can rest assured that you are choosing an effective LSAT prep course. Over the past year, LSATMax students, who have completed 1300 multiple choice questions, have averaged an 18-point increase on their diagnostics.*

What 18 Points Can Do For You?

So we know that your LSAT score is the number one factor in law school admissions but what does an 18-point increase actually do to your law school prospects? It is truly a life-changing increase!

Take a student who started with a score of 148 (like Mehran did on his first practice LSAT). This would have placed this student in the 32nd percentile of test takers. 148 is the median score of incoming students at Western State University, which is ranked 173rd out of 200 accredited law schools by US News & World Report.

An 18-point increase, to a 166, and all of a sudden you are in the 92nd percentile of test takers. A 166 is the median score at University of Southern California, which is ranked 19th by US News & World Report. So as this example demonstrates, when your LSAT score increases 18 points, the law schools you are considering can improve by over 150 spots in the US News & World Report rankings.

The Economic Impact of 18 Point Increase.

USC Law Full Time Starting Salary: $180,000
Western State Full Time Starting Salary: $72,500

This stat should highlight the importance of scoring as high as possible on the LSAT. In your first year of private sector employment post graduation, your 18-point increase means a $107,500 higher salary!!! As our whitepaper makes crystal clear, it’s worth spending time and money improving your LSAT score—the value of a single point may be worth as much as $7,000 in the first year of private sector employment.

+18 Points? Some LSATMax Students Improve Even More!

Remember, 18 points is the average, which means some LSATMax students see their LSAT scores improve by even more. This is not surprising given that the founder of LSATMax, Mehran, improved his LSAT score by 26 points using the proven strategies and techniques he now teaches in LSATMax’s #1-rated LSAT prep course.*

Jordan Birnholtz

Jordan Birnholtz

+23 Points with LSATMax



"LSATMax helped me raise my score from a 148 diagnostic to a 171 in seven months. I'm thrilled with that outcome. LSATMax's tutors were exceptional."

Kyle Ryman

Kyle Ryman

Texas A&M

+20 Points with LSATMax



"I scored below a 150 on my first practice LSAT in November. In June I took the LSAT and scored a 170. I couldn’t have done it without LSATMax."

Chris Dinkel

Chris Dinkel

Oral Roberts University

+22 Points with LSATMax



"I went from a 152 to a 174. I'm just excited to have a shot at top end schools again."

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*The 18-point increase on average includes starting scores of 120. If starting scores of 120 are removed, the average score increase was thirteen (13) points.