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Comprehensive Essay

Work closely with senior consultants to build a differentiated personal statement from scratch.

Our experienced admissions consultants provide you with the foundation you need to build a personal statement that will stand out from the field of applicants.

A great personal statement is a true differentiator for a candidate and can put you over the top for top schools.

What's Included

Develop your statement or essay from scratch including:

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Close collaboration with senior consultants.

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Up to 4 edits and revisions.

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Cohesiveness in relation to application themes and overall narrative.

Who Should Use It?

Candidates who want an interactive engagement with a consultant to help build a personal statement from scratch.

When Should I Sign Up?

If you are beginning to plan a few months ahead of applications being released, or during application season itself, the time is right.



Bottom Line

Standing out from the crowd amongst the hundreds of applicants for law school often comes down to a strong personal statement. LSATMax will help shape your personal statement with this in mind.

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