Free Daily LSAT Prep Drills by LSATMax

If you are using LSATMax LSAT Prep for iOS, you will receive a daily set of five free LSAT drills designed to instill key LSAT concepts.

Many students, particularly those who are just getting started with their LSAT prep, find these drills confusing, so we felt it would be a good idea to review each drill to avoid any confusion.

Drill #1: Identify the Question Type

The question stem on a Logical Reasoning question establishes the criterion for the correct answer choice, so it is imperative that you are able to identify the different question types that you will encounter.

Drill #1 will test your ability to do so by presenting you with just the question stem from Logical Reasoning questions.

The answer choices will be the different Logical Reasoning question types that appear on the LSAT (e.g., Must Be True, Cannot Be True, Main Point, Argument Structure, Strengthen, Strengthen with Necessary Premise, Strengthen with Sufficient Premise, Weaken, etc.).

So before you post to the message boards wondering where the stimulus is, there is no stimulus for these drills—just the question stem and the answer choices.

Drill #2: Sufficient & Necessary Diagramming

Sufficient & Necessary is the most commonly tested form of reasoning that appears on the LSAT and drill #2 will test your ability to extract the pure logic from Sufficient & Necessary sentences.

While the LSAT is not a test of memorization, there are certain concepts you will need to know like the back of your hand, such as the keyword indicators of Sufficient & Necessary Conditions.

The imperfection of the English language allows LSAC to write the same logical statement in a number of different ways. But if you can extract the pure logic, 2 + 2 is always 4, a perfect segue to drill #3.

Drill #3: Argument Completion

In addition to memorizing the keyword indicators for Sufficient & Necessary conditions tested in drill #2, you also need to know the rules of Sufficient & Necessary and Quantifiers.

What can you properly conclude from these statements? Sound familiar? Of course it does! Drill #3 is effectively a Must Be True question stripped down to the pure formal logic.

So these drills will test your ability to use contrapositives as well as the transitive property to create inferences.

Drill #4: Supply the Missing Premise

Drill #4 will ask you to supply the missing premise that would make the conclusion follow logically.

So these drills are effectively Strengthen with Sufficient Premise questions stripped down to the pure formal logic.

There is going to be a gap in the argument and you are looking for the answer choice that closes this gap and 100% guarantees the conclusion.

Drill #5: True v. False

And lastly, drill #5 will test your ability to understand LSAT question stems in terms of true. It is much easier to think in terms of true as opposed to false.

In these drills, you will be presented with a question stem and you will need to determine the criterion for the correct answer choice in terms of true.

Being able to think in terms of true will be invaluable to your success on Logic Games.

And there you have it! Remember, a drill a day keeps the 150s away!

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