LSATMax Claims 2017 Best LSAT Review Course Award

Guest Post by Crush the LSAT

LSATMax was recently named the #1 course for 2017 by Crush the LSAT, the industry’s leading review site. We awarded LSATMax with this award after reviewing all available LSAT review courses at length for a number of criteria.

Crush the LSAT, the industry’s most trusted review company, did extensive research to find out which LSAT review course is truly the best at boosting your score. After taking a number of considerations into account, the clear winner is LSATMax.

LSATMax is the perfect course for those that want a modern approach to the often outdated LSAT exam. The course comes with a mobile app and higher score guarantees, making it stand out from its competitors. And compared to the other courses on the market, LSATMax is affordable for those that are on a strict budget.

The analytic feedback offers a new dimension for students who need to know exactly where they need to spend more time studying. LSATMax also comes with Whiteboard Lessons that give you a classroom learning feel.

If you are looking for a great LSAT review course, look no further than LSATMax, the number one course on the market for 2017. Check out the full review on LSATMax to see for yourself why this course is the best. We’re confident that by using LSATMax you’re getting the best course on the market, so start studying today!