Top Law Schools in South Carolina

To become a lawyer, you need to attend a good law school and pass the bar examination. The two aspects are essential to landing your first legal job. The problem is that sometimes choosing the perfect law school to compliment you is extremely tough. So what do you do?

Becoming a lawyer in the state of South Carolina is worth considering. The average income of a lawyer in South Carolina is $51.55 per hour, and there is a growing need for lawyers in the state. Due to the difficulty of the education process and bar examination, the need for lawyers has spiked in the state.

If you decide to become a law professional, the next step is to select a law school. There are two options in the state of South Carolina: The University of South Carolina (Columbia, SC) and the University of Charleston (Charleston, SC).

The all-American Bar Association accredits both schools. But which one is better for you? Read a complete breakdown of both law schools to make a better-informed decision.

University of South Carolina – Law School

  • Bar Passage Rates: 65%
  • Acceptance Rate: 59%.
  • Average LSAT Score: 1500
  • Average GPA : 3

The University of South Carolina is widely known as one of the best schools in the state due to its incredible academic excellence and a beautiful campus.

The “Horseshoe,” as students and faculty call it, is the center of the college and features a beautiful garden area. The school has not only stellar academics but also some incredible extra-curricular activities.

The Gamecocks football program is among the elite in the nation. Law students enjoy catching a game to receive a much-needed break from their studies. The city also touts an impressive list of restaurants and attractions.

The law school is ranked as the “92nd Best Law School” by U.S. News and World Report. There are plenty of outside opportunities to build your portfolio while attending the Law School at the University of South Carolina.

University of Charleston – Law School

  • Bar Passage Rates: 43%.
  • Post-Graduation Salaries: Approx. $100,000
  • Acceptance Rate: 74%
  • Average LSAT Score: 146
  • Average GPA: 89

The University of Charleston is a private university in the largest city (based on population) in South Carolina. Students have the opportunity to get their law degree while preparing for the bar exam.

Attending Charleston Law School is a great way to jump-start your career. The faculty well recognized with plenty of mentorship opportunities. There are also several different law firms in Charleston to pursue internships.

The campus is beautiful, with a smaller student enrollment compared to South Carolina University. The law school has a mission to teach its students everything they need to know to build a successful career in law.

Which School is Right for Me?

The law schools at the University of South Carolina and the University of Charleston provide law school students with an incredible education. The job placement rates are fairly high at each institution.

South Carolina doesn’t have as many options for law school compared to other states. However, neither law school in South Carolina is considered inferior compared to the rest of the nation so that you can count on high-quality education.

Final Notes

The University of South Carolina and University of Charleston both offer quality law schools. The difference depends on the environment.

Charleston Law School is part of a smaller, quieter campus. Meanwhile, the University of South Carolina Law School features a higher student population and more activities outside the program. Regardless, both have beautiful campuses and highly esteemed law schools.

You can learn more about each program by visiting their official websites for tuition and housing costs.