Top Law Schools in Mississippi

If you hope to be a successful attorney, you need to start with the right school. In the United States, we’re spoiled for choice. There are 237 law schools across the nation. It’s hard to know which to choose.

In this post, we’ll help make the decision easier. We’re going to have a look at the top American Bar Association-accredited law schools in the state. Reviewing is a simple task as only the following two are accredited:

University of Mississippi School of Law

  • Ranking: 162
  • Bar Passage Rates: 73.7 percent. (Higher than the state average)
  • Post-Graduation Salaries: Around $42,700 per year.
  • Acceptance Rate: 84.9 percent.
  • LSAT: 1,070 – 1,290

The school is rated highly for providing a balanced education. The school earned the title of the Best Regional Law School for Black Students. The school has a strong academic tradition and also a proud sports tradition.

The school focuses on a traditional curriculum. Also, they offer some of the top law skills programs in the country, essential to bridging the gap between theoretical law and the practice of law.

Acceptance rates at the school are high. The school does put a lot of weight on LSAT scores, so get those marks up. The competition for admission is reasonable, and you’ve got a high chance of getting in.

Students love the campus – it’s stunning. The standard of education is high, and students find the workload manageable. The school is more conservative than many of its peers, so if you’re looking for a liberal education, it might not be the best option.

The campus is moderately sized, with fewer than 18,000 students in any given year.

Mississippi College School of Law

  • Ranking: 146
  • Bar Passage Rates: 57.1 % for first time takers.
  • Post-Graduation Salaries: Around $42,700 per year.
  • Acceptance Rate: 39%
  • SAT Range: 1,070 – 1,290
  • ACT Range: 22 – 29

This is a private school run on Christian principles. It’s a relatively conservative school with a small community of students. There are fewer than 3,000 students overall. If you like the idea of personalized attention, you’ll love this school.

Whether you can get in or not, though, is another story. Space is limited, and so the acceptance rate is very low.

The campus focusses on education above all else. The party scene is not as active as with Ole Miss, so if you want to study without distractions, this school could be a good match.

Which School is Right for Me?

Both schools offer affordable education and good value for money. We’d be lying to say that the lower pass rate of the college is of no concern. Considering that the state average is also reasonably low, this could be due to a stricter bar exam. Still, we’d expect this figure to be higher.

The University of Mississippi comes out as the clear winner in this contest.


  • The bar passage rate is higher at 73.7 percent, as opposed to 57.1 percent.
  • Competition for admission is higher, indicating that the school is more popular.
  • The school has a great athletic tradition.
  • The social life on campus is livelier.
  • You’re more likely to secure a position after you graduate.
  • More financial aid is available.

Should I Drop the Top School?

Don’t rule the Mississippi College School of Law out for the count. It still offers an excellent education. According to experts, the bar passage rates in Mississippi have slipped over the past few years.

The experts believe that this could be as a result of more lax acceptance policies from universities. In that respect, Mississippi College comes out tops. If you make it into this school, you deserve to be there. The application process is very competitive. It may be a better option if:

  • You prefer a quieter environment and more attention from your professors.
  • You have strong Christian values and want to study in a community that has the same values.
  • You like a more traditional curriculum and learning environment.
  • It’s slightly safer than Ole Miss.

Final Notes

Either school offers an excellent education. In both cases, students feel that the lecturers go out of their way to create a good learning environment. Ole Miss seems to offer better results, and they have an outstanding sports program.

If you prefer a touch of small-town living instead, Mississippi College might be the better bet.

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