It is not easy to become a lawyer in any state; however, it is even more difficult in Wyoming because of the limited options. The state only has one major law school – the University of Wyoming.

However, the University of Wyoming School of Law is ranked tremendously high by U.S. News & World Report, thus worth considering. If you are still not sure yet would like to study in the region, it doesn’t hurt to consider nearby states like Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Idaho.

The University of Wyoming School of Law is the only ABA-accredited school in the state. It offers three different legal degree programs. Recent numbers indicate that 82 of its students earned undergraduate degrees, while an additional 73 students earned Doctoral degrees.

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University of Wyoming School of Law

  • Ranking: 5th
  • Bar Passage Rate: 9%.
  • Acceptance Rate: 78%
  • Average LSAT Score: 148-153
  • Average GPA: 22

The University of Wyoming has the only ABA-accredited law school in the state yet that doesn’t mean it is lacking in quality education. The law program at Wyoming gets recognized annual as among the best in the nation. Furthermore, it is not ridiculously expensive to attend.

If you are a resident of Wyoming, the tuition sits at about $14,911 per year. On the other hand, non-residents can expect to pay more than double in tuition ($30,241).

The class of 2018 had an employment rate of 73%, with around 3% of students deciding to pursue an additional degree. Students got full-time jobs with law firms, businesses, and the government.

We highly recommend the law school due to its high performance, affordable tuition, and job placement rate.

A Few Tips

Study, study, study! Don’t waste your time doing things that won’t reward you down the road with your career. Most people only get to experience college once.

Becoming a lawyer isn’t an easy task, and we recommend you spend most of your time at the library. Also, take good notes and do everything in your power to prepare for the bar exam.

All that said, you do need some leisure time outside of class. Thankfully the University of Wyoming has hundreds of clubs and organizations to join. The athletic programs are also part of the Mountain Western Conference. The relationships you build in college can last a lifetime.

Final Notes

It’s clear what the best law school is in Wyoming. Aside from representing the only option in the state, the University of Wyoming Law School stacks up very well to surrounding states in terms of performance.

If you have questions about the program, visit the official University of Wyoming website. Schedule a campus tour today to get a more personal look at the school.