Enrolling for a law degree is one of the surest ways to a successful law career in any state in the U.S. It all boils down to getting a good law degree from an accredited university. There are lots of universities across the world that offer cheaper law degrees. However, to practice law in the United States, you need an American Bar Association-accredited law degree.

ABA-Accredited Universities in Idaho

If you are in Idaho, the only ABA-accredited universities are the University of Idaho and Concordia University School of Law. They both have an excellent rating from the alumni and other reviews online. With state-of-the-art facilities and an outstanding faculty, it’s easy to see why they both have marvelous scores across the board.

1. University of Idaho School of Law

The University Of Idaho School of Law is the earliest university in Idaho to receive an ABA accreditation. It has top-notch facilities and an exceptional faculty that’ll launch you into a successful law career. University of Idaho law school has a competitive admission with a 60 percent acceptance rate. They receive hundreds of applications, but only a few get through. Their GPA median undergrad is 3.15.

University Ranking

The University of Idaho has a ranking of  No. 126 among the best law universities nationally. It has one of the best in-state and out-of-state tuition fees, maxing out at $20,968 and $38,622, respectively, with a 314-person full-time enrollment.

Bar Passage Rates

One of the requirements to practice law in any state is to pass the bar exams. It doesn’t matter how long you have studied if you don’t pass your state bar exams. It is a good thing that the University of Idaho has marvelous bar passage rates of more than 67 percent.

Post-graduation salaries

I bet you didn’t know that the college you go to can determine the starting salary you get. With the University of Idaho, the school of law post-graduation starting salary ranges between $57,000 and $65,000 for the public and private sectors, respectively. That’s a tidy sum for any graduate.

2. Concordia University School of Law

Although not ranked among the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Law Schools, Concordia University is an ABA-accredited college that offers law in Idaho. It is one of the latest universities to receive an ABA accreditation for its law degree program. It boasts a student-faculty ratio of 10:1 with an average tuition fee of $18,643 part time and $30,343 full time. Although the law program is relatively new, it has an impressive enrollment of 116.

University Ranking

Though Concordia University has no ranking by U.S. News yet, it has some pretty impressive statistics and rankings from other reports. It is one of the universities to watch following its recent ABA certification.

Bar Passage Rate

According to their latest press release, Concordia University School of Law has an impressive 100 percent bar passage rate. The school has a relatively fewer number of students enrolled compared to the University of Idaho. This discrepancy could explain the high bar passage percentage.

Post-graduation Salaries

For a graduate, a post-graduation starting salary matters when you enroll in any campus. Joining Concordia University, the average starting salary when you graduate ranges between $53,750 and $57,000 for the public and private sectors, respectively.