GREMax GRE Instructors

Our GRE instructors all share three key qualities: they all scored in the 99th percentile, they are great communicators, and most importantly they were not naturals.

To achieve their score they had to work hard to learn the strategies and change the way they think. They are uniquely qualified to help you do the same.

Jonathan Herzog

Jonathan Herzog

Score: 170V, 165Q

Jonathan was born and raised in New York City. He graduated 1st in his class at Harvard, completed his MBA at NYU Stern, and earned his JD at Harvard Law School.

Jonathan has extensive experience as a GRE course instructor and tutor, helping students achieve top scores and gain admission to leading graduate schools across the country, including Harvard Law and Harvard Business School.

Other than teaching and building GRE curricula, he can be found playing with his 3-month-old puppy Max, a cavalier who loves eating leaves and enjoys good belly rubs.