Podcasts are a great way to get information on the go. You can listen in the car, on the way to school or work, or in the evening during dinner. Listen from your computer or smartphone. If you can name it, there’s a podcast about it. Check out these nine podcasts which are great for law students and practicing lawyers.

Opening Arguments

This is a great podcast for people who want to form an opinion about a current legal topic but don’t yet have enough information to do so. It tackles relevant legal arguments and gives you the tools you need to understand the issue so you can win every argument. Each episode runs about an hour. Facts are presented in a neutral manner even though the hosts make their political views no secret. Find it here.

I Am the Law

I Am the Law is the podcast that's created to help law school students and lawyers decide on an area of law to specialize in. Each episode is about 20 minutes long and features lawyers from various fields describing what their jobs are really like. The focus is on real world experiences of lawyers who are out there working the ground rather than on salaries and statistics. You can find I Am the Law on iTunes.

Life of the Law

Life of the Law is a podcast for those who love journalism. It’s a show featuring a group of legal scholars and reporters who share a number of stories which involve the law in some shape or form. The podcast “explores the relationship of law to American society by documenting how legal concepts affect individual lives and cases.” Find it here.

ABA Law Student Podcast

This podcast focuses on issues which specifically affect law students, covering everything from tackling your student loan debt to passing the bar. Many podcasts are directed at the practicing lawyer and not the law student, but this one is geared specifically towards law students and recent graduates. That’s why we included it on this list. Find it on Legal Talk Network, iTunes, or Google Play.

The Law School Toolbox Podcast

This is a great podcast for current and prospective law students. It covers everything from how to build emotional intelligence to deciding what type of law to practice. It’s helpful for 1L students who want to be sure they are doing everything they can to be successful in law school. Find it here.

Thinking Like a Lawyer

Thinking Like a Lawyer is a podcast that's roughly 30 minutes per episode. In each episode, the host takes an everyday topic and analyzes it from a legal standpoint. It's a good listen when you're looking for information about relevant legal topics with lighthearted commentary.


Serial is a podcast with a plot line that continues from one episode to the next. The stories are non-fiction narratives of actual stories that have made the news. It is a good option for lawyers because it takes a different approach to legal matters and other issues of public interest. You can find it on the official Serial website or iTunes.

The Gen Why Lawyer

This podcast is geared towards younger lawyers and is more broadly targeted towards the specific demographic of lawyers born in the 80s or 90s (self-described as Millennials or Generation Y). The podcast host,Purcell, is part of thatdemographic. The platform is used to talk with fellow young attorneys about the legal profession and their age group. You can find it at the official website, iTunes, and several other legal podcast platforms.

The Digital Edge

The Digital Edge is a podcast for lawyers hosted by lawyers who specialize in the field of technology. Technology impacts all professions, and the legal profession is no exception. Technology affects the tools lawyers use to do their jobs, and the law itself constantly changes alongside technology. This podcast is sponsored by the Law Practice Management section of the American Bar Association. It covers everything from cloud computing standards to the future of technology and the law. You can find the Digital Edge technology law podcast on The Legal Talk Network and iTunes.

What other law related podcasts do you listen to? Share them with us below!