10 Subreddits and AMAs for Law Students


What Reddit lacks in design value it makes up for in content, with many subreddits chock full of information law students will love and can actually use. From funny threads where you can post your law school woes to others where you can seek advice and learn from experienced lawyers, Reddit is a great place to ask questions and get answers. We have rounded up some of Reddit’s best offerings for law students here:

1) Law School

This subreddit has over 40,000 members, and is for current and former law school students. You can ask questions, solicit advice, post class outlines, and more. Note that this is not a place for legal advice, but, rather, a community for law students to share and help one another. Recent threads include, “Help me choose a 1L summer job” and “Tips on finding jobs that don’t require state specific bars?” You’ll also find funny memes and observations that will make the stress and workload of law school a tiny bit more bearable.

2) Law School Admissions

This subreddit for prospective and former law school applicants is a place to discuss all aspects of law school admissions. It boasts over 12,000 subscribers. Recent threads include an admissions AMA (“Ask Me Anything”), “What to wear for an ASW (admitted students weekend)?” and “Important Factors for Choosing a Law School.” Browse this subreddit and post your own questions when applying for law school, taking refuge in a community of other applicants going through the same arduous process.


This subreddit is a great place to seek and trade advice on the LSAT, share positive results, or commiserate. Recent threads include “I’ve Got Six Months and 156 Raw. Aiming for 169-173. Tell me EVERYTHING” and “Best LG book? Best LR book?” When your LSAT practice scores just won’t budge, when you’re unsure what to bring to the test, or if you want to compare test-taking strategies, this subreddit is a great destination.

4) Bar Exam

This subreddit is not a very large community, but it’s there when you want advice about the Bar, need to vent, want a virtual study buddy, or anything else exam-related!

AMAs – Ask Me Anything

These AMA subreddits will provide insight into the ways you might use your law degree in the future. While deciding how you want to use your law degree, read these threads to see what types of law resonate with you:

1) I am personal injury lawyer, AMA!

In this AMA, a New Jersey lawyer who handles personal injury cases, in addition to worker’s compensation and civil rights cases, answers Reddit users’ burning questions. Answered queries include:

“Have you ever taken a case from a client that you suspected wasn't being truthful with their claim?”

“How much of your business comes from those letters & mailers that lawyers send out after a person has been in an accident? Do the best lawyers tend to mail them out, or rely on word of mouth or other avenues for clients?”

“Do you find it difficult working with adjusters that handle and negotiate the claims for insurance companies? Do you typically come to a mutually beneficial agreement quickly?

2) I Am a bankruptcy lawyer. AMA about when to file, how it affects credit, etc.

In this AMA, a bankruptcy lawyer answers questions about bankruptcy and student loans, reverse mortgages, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and more! Questions answered include:

Do you watch the real housewives of NJ? They have a couple on there (The Guidice's) that seem to be working the bankruptcy system. They have a huge house and BMW and they claimed bankruptcy. How can they get away with this?

Stupid question probably: Is it possible to pay off a student loan with credit cards and then declare bankruptcy? Would that work at all?

How does bankruptcy affect a reverse mortgage?

3) I am A Civil Rights Lawyer AMA!

In this AMA, a lawyer who splits his time between working as a criminal defense lawyer and civil rights lawyer answers questions. Highlights include:

Is audio surveillance (not the phone system) in the workplace legal?

When do small fish become big fish? Like when do dealers come into the view of the PD and become targeted?

What is your opinion on the outcome of the Trayvon Martin vs. Zimmerman trial?

You can also find AMA’s from famous lawyers on Reddit, like these:

4) Hi Reddit - I am Christopher Darden, Prosecutor on O.J. Simpson's Murder Trial. Ask Me Anything!

OJ Simpson prosecutor Christopher Darden answers all your questions in this AMA, showcasing his underrated wit and humor. Key questions answered include:

Given your experience, what are your thoughts about television cameras in courtrooms? Do they help or hurt the justice system?

Who do you think was the most credible witness in the trial?

Is Fred Goldman's mustache as intimidating in real life as it is on TV?

5) I am Barack Obama, President of the United States -- AMA

In this 2012 AMA, President Obama, a Harvard Law School graduate, answered a diverse array of questions, some which law students will find particularly pertinent. Participants included a recent law grad buried in debt asking how he/she can stay positive in a tight economic position, and others asking about patent law and the decriminalization of marijuana.

6) I am Nina Totenberg, NPR legal affairs correspondent. AMA!

In this 2014 AMA, Nina Totenberg answers Reddit users’ questions about her work and life, sharing her insights into the inner workings of the Supreme Court (including, for example, the fact that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg often works until 3 or 4 am!).


Reddit is a fabulous way to plug into various communities that can enrich and enliven your law school and postgraduate experience. Peruse legal subreddits when you have questions, or become an active member and provide help to others!