BarMax Bar Clips: 50% of the Marital Assets?

In this week's installment of BarMax Bar Clips, we review the fundamental premise of Community Property-absent an agreement to the contrary (i.e. a prenuptial agreement) all community property (referred to as marital property in equitable distribution states) and quasi-community property must be divided 50/50 upon divorce or dissolution of a marriage.

Luckily for Marylin Rexroth, her attorney, Freddy Bender, is well aware of this rule and starts off the negotiation accordingly:

Not sure why Miles Massey acts so surprised by Freddy's initial offer, because without an agreement to the contrary, such as a 'Massey Pre-nup,' a 50/50 division of community and quasi-community assets is exactly what Ms. Rexroth is entitled to.

But hey, it's a negotiation!

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