We are now a fortnight away from the big exam.

First things first, breathe. This is crunch time, so you don't want to 'lose it' in the last fourteen days. We thought we could give you a quick breather from your bar exam prep to go over your plan for the next two weeks. We've got four words for you: memorize black letter law. If you haven't started yet, now is the time to pace around your room, library, what-have-you and memorize that black letter law you love so much. Let's talk about your strategy.

As we've said, memorization is key. But, make sure you are not studying in a vacuum. This is one of the biggest mistakes we see bar exam prep students making. You must memorize the law while learning the how of it all. HOW is the law applied? HOW are they going to test it? Now is the time to go 'beast mode' on those practice questions.

To make sure you are not studying in a vacuum, focus on your MBE questions and essays. If you don't feel like writing out full essays, try outlining (a skill we're sure you've honed and learned to love).  Really work on your issue spotting and your ability to actually apply the black letter law you are working so hard to memorize.

Now is the time to try and focus on those pesky weaknesses. Though it may be confidence boosting to stay within the box of those subjects you feel most comfortable with, that won't help your score. Your strengths are your strengths. Let's try conditioning those weaker subjects to be on par with the ones your more comfortable with. We'd suggest using this time to really customize your bar prep towards honing these subjects. But, make sure not to completely ignore your strengths, as they might fatigue and weaken without attention, and that would defeat the purpose! Remember: customize your study schedule to your specific needs.

It's really important to keep in mind the standard to which you are studying. Let's be real, the standard is a D. So make sure to focus on model answers / point sheets. Keep the bar in perspective, no pun intended. Preparing for the bar exam is in no way about reaching for that perfect score - far from it! We're looking for minimum competency. No one will see or know your score. What's important is passing. We know you've been conditioned to scramble erratically during your last two weeks of law school finals, trying to perfect every last outline, essay, etc. This is not the same. Focus on passing, not on 'gunning.'

And as always, try and keep cool and collected. A relaxed and happy you is a relaxed and happy mind.

You've got two weeks left. Continue working hard; keep your chin up, and look forward to whatever wonderful non-studying plan/vacation you have ahead of you post-bar.

Happy Studying!