7 Law School Vloggers & Bloggers to Follow

Even people who graduate high school and college with the highest honors have been known to struggle in law school. What's the difference between a law student who earns an A average, and one who finishes with a C average? None—they're both still lawyers! If you find yourself needing a bit of advice or support along your journey through law school, take a look at these eight blogs.

Law School Vloggers & Bloggers to Follow

The Legal Dutchess

The Legal Duchess is a law student lifestyle blog owned and operated by a 22-year-old law student from the Midwest. Currently in her second year of law school, she hopes to become either a defense attorney, a corporate lawyer, or an international lawyer. Though her law school life only represents a small portion of the blog's content, it offers an interesting perspective for people who are considering going to law school. She has a section dedicated to preparation for law school, the first year of law school, and the second year of law school. In forthcoming editions of the blog, you can expect to see a section dedicated to the final year of school. Recent posts include Holiday Gift Ideas for the Law Student in Your Life, Mid-Semester Finals Prep Guide, How to Be Prepared for a Law School Class, and How I Have Changed My Study Habits as a Second Year Law Student. For reference, she links to her posts about student habits from her first year so that you can see the evolution of those habits across her law school career. It's an excellent source of information both for people who are considering law school and for those who are in the thick of it alongside her.

Brazen and Brunette

Brazen and Brunette is another law student lifestyle blog in which a 20-something female describes how she is working on her law degree. Using her background in Spanish, legal studies, and political science, she shares her experience navigating through law school, with sections dedicated to undergrad, 1L, 2L, and 3L. Her most popular posts include Legal Memo Tips, 6 Things To Do Your First Week of Law School, Building a Lawyer Wardrobe, 16 Great Law School Finds from Etsy, and The Best Planner for Law School.

Caffeine and Case Briefs

Caffeine and Case Briefs focuses on being a law student, with a bit of lifestyle content mixed in. Bailey, the blogger behind the site, started law school in August 2016 and has documented much of the journey so far. It's shaping up to be an excellent resource for prospective and current law students. Some of her posts include How 2L Year is Better Than 1L Year, Why I Gave Up Facebook in Law School, 5 Ways to Make Law School Suck Less, and Essential Apps for Law Students. She has strong connections to members of the law school blogging community, including some of the other bloggers on this list. So, the community is tight-knit, which is great for students who need a bit of extra support.

Above the Law

Above the Law is part of a network of websites owned and operated by Breaking Media, Inc. Because there's not just one blogger behind it sharing their law school journey, the scope of content is much more significant. The blog features a selection of material on big law, small law, law schools, legal tech, justice, and government. There's also a career center to help students who are looking for a job with a firm. Posts include the following: Is Alcohol Really Necessary at Law School Networking Events?, Don't Hate Your Friends Who Had Their Parents Pay for Law School, An Entire Generation of Women Went to Law School Because of Elle Woods, and more.

Law School Expert

The Law School Expert blog is run by Ann Levine, the author of The Law School Admission Game. On this blog, you can find everything from news about law school, application strategies, advice for choosing a law school, advice on the LSAT, law school financing strategies, success in law school, and legal careers. Posts include Evaluating Law School Debt & Careers Through LST Pro, Why Your Law School Resume is Different from Your Job Resume, How to Explain an LSAT score, and more.

Cerebellum Chef

Here we are back to looking at one student's journey through law school. While the primary focus of this blog is law school, this 2L student is also a self-proclaimed foodie. As such, she shares her favorite recipes, which can be helpful for other law students who want a good meal. After all, food is fuel, and you need lots of it to make it through school. Her posts include 10 Things You Need to Succeed in Law School, 6 Things You Must Do Before Law School, 7 Tips: Prepping for Finals in Law School, and Book Briefs. The Book Briefs post is helpful because it discusses how to use a color-coded highlighting system to handle briefing cases more efficiently.

Did We Miss a Great One?

Do you follow any of these bloggers? Do you know of a killer law school blogger or vlogger we missed? Let us know, and we may add them to this list. We're all about creating a supportive community.