Aromatherapy for Your LSAT Prep

Hey everyone! I hope your LSAT prep is progressing nicely. I thought since today’s Friday we could kick back for a second and talk about one way I really like to relax. I know this is a little weird, but I’m a big believer in trying out anything at least once, especially if that something is said to help relieve my stress! As a former LSAT studier, I know how stressful your days can be. Why not try out easy tips for stress relief that may just surprise you in their effectiveness? Right? Right!

I’ve been a long time advocate of aromatherapy. Now, I’m not saying go to a clinic or order expensive oils or incense. But, I’ve always noticed that after baking, when my house smells warm and of vanilla, I’m always happier. I’ve noticed that whenever I bring fresh flowers into my apartment, I feel calmer. Now, this can’t just be a coincidence!

So, I did some research and found out that there are actually specific scents that naturally relieve our stress! I’ve made a list for you so you can try them out during your LSAT prep life, and maybe beyond that!

  1. Basil
    Apparently, basil is helpful during periods of stress and insomnia! The smell of basil promotes mental clarity, concentration and has been known to increase enthusiasm. Umm, hello! All things that are beneficial while studying for the LSAT. I’d recommend taking a bowl of hot water and dropping fresh basil leaves into it. The fumes will slowly fill your study space and keep you calm.
  2. Cardamom
    The smell of cardamom has been known to be helpful in times of mental stress, burnout and in states of confusion. States of confusion?! I know I was in a perpetual state of confusion during certain LSAT sections. *Cough cough* Certain Reading Comp sections! I’d say either grab some cardamom seeds and plop them in hot water, or try and cook a cardamom-heavy meal, the scent will ribbon through your house for hours! Yum!
  3. Cinnamon 
    Cinnamon is by far one of my most favorite spices. The smell of cinnamon has actually been linked to making you happier, and relieving you from stress and tension. It invigorates and helps promote a sense of positivity. Yes, please! Place a few sticks in some tea or a bowl of hot water and enjoy!
  4. Lavender
    I love, love, love lavender. Not only as a smell, but as an overall household decoration! Lavender has been known to counter feelings of stress, anxiety, confusion, fatigue, restlessness and mental agitation! It helps in restoring a sense of balance and helps bring about clarity in one’s thinking. My, oh my! And the great thing about lavender is that it comes in so many different forms. You can buy beautiful dried flowers or get oils or soap or lotion!

What’s the harm right? Give it a try! You might see that you’re feeling oddly less on edge because of a little aroma!

Happy Studying!

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