The Best LSAT Tutors in Sacramento, California

Sacramento has a lot of history. While it's now best known as the capital of California, Sacramento used to be a destination for the California gold rush. As a result, the sprawling city is filled with museums dating back to the 19th century. Even today, you can take a wagon ride through Sacramento's most notable districts.

Sacramento is also a political hub. Being the capital of California, the Governor operates out of the city, and the majority of political think tanks and lobbying take place there. For aspiring lawyers looking to enter politics, Sacramento is the best city in California to start.

While Sacramento thrives politically, it has a problem with crime. There are 6.3 violent crimes for every 1,000 residents each year, and property crime is on the rise. Compared to the national average, Sacramento is only safer than 8% of cities in the United States. For people looking to make a difference through criminal law, there is plenty of opportunity.

The city is home to some of the best law schools in the country, like the Lincoln Law School of Sacramento. While options are great for aspiring lawyers, the competition is intense. To get into the best law schools, students need to score above a 160 on the LSAT exam.

The LSAT exam is not an easy test, but it's learnable. With the right tutor, you can improve your score by 10-20 points but finding the best LSAT tutor is harder than it seems. Read on to learn about the best LSAT tutors and Sacramento.

What to Look for in LSAT Tutors

LSAT tutors are equipped to help students achieve high scores on the LSAT exam. Still, some tutors are better than others. With an abundance of tutors in Sacramento, finding the best LSAT tutor is easier said than done. So, we're going to take you through a few attributes to look for in an LSAT tutor.

High LSAT Scores

We'll start with high LSAT scores. It's great to see tutors that have passed the LSAT exam, but you want to find a tutor that's scored within the top 1%. On the exam, students can score between 100 and 180, with the top 90% of people scoring between 170 and 180. So, when looking for an LSAT tutor, make sure they've scored between 170-180.


Most LSAT tutors have their education listed. While LSAT scores should be the first thing you look at, their education can tell you a lot about their tutoring approach. For example, someone who studied philosophy or science is likely better equipped to handle logic than someone who studied English.

On the other hand, someone who studied English is probably better suited for the writing portions of the exam than someone who studied math or science. So, each major has its strengths and weaknesses.


Aspiring lawyers live busy lives, which makes scheduling a nightmare. Still, there are two approaches to scheduling that students should look out for. Ask yourself: Do I need a rigid schedule to stay focused? Or a flexible schedule?

Tutors with rigid schedules keep students engaged by creating mandatory study times. This is beneficial because it forces students to commit time to studying each week. Strict scheduling is more prominent with in-person tutors because sessions are harder to cancel and reschedule.

There are also tutors that offer flexibility. These tutors are mostly online and have excellent availability throughout the week. Students can touch base to determine when sessions will take place, and they're easier to cancel.

Tutoring Experience

Many tutors believe that the LSAT is a learnable and teachable exam. Instead of memorization, the LSAT exam tests a student's ability to display arguments, comprehend logic, and write with precision. Many of these skills can be taught, but it takes time.

For this reason, you'll want to work with experienced LSAT tutors that know their way around students and the exam. Look for tutors with at least fifty hours of tutoring experience because they'll be able to identify your weaknesses and build on your strengths. If a tutor lacks experience, you'll waste time getting to know each other.

If you come across a tutor that you like, but they don't have fifty hours of experience, don't panic. Take a look at their professional career. If an LSAT tutor is a professor, lawyer, or teacher, that experience is valuable too.

Online vs. In-Person LSAT Tutors

One of the most important decisions you need to make is whether you prefer online or in-person tutoring. Each method has benefits and drawbacks, so take some time to look over the pros and cons of each.

Online Tutors

People used to scoff at the idea of remote and online tutoring. In the past, remote and online tutoring was ineffective, but that's no longer the case. Online tutoring has proven to be as effective as in-person tutoring, as long as it's done correctly with a reputable tutor.

Online tutors are appealing because they're more affordable than in-person tutors, and they're more flexible. Students can choose days and times that work for them, even if it's at night. When working with an online tutor, you also don't need to worry about a commute or deciding on a location.

Online tutoring used to be worse than in-person tutoring because there were no face-to-face interactions. While it's not the same as having someone sit with you, most online tutors use video calls to build relationships with students.

Still, online tutoring is not perfect. The lack of a rigid schedule can make it too easy to cancel sessions. This leads to inconsistencies with lesson plans and scattered learning. Furthermore, while video calls are helpful, it's not the same as having someone sit next to you.

In-Person Tutors

In-person tutors have been around since the LSAT was created, and it's a tried-and-true method of tutoring. In-person tutors offer face-to-face sessions and focus on building relationships with students.

In-person tutors can also offer a classroom-like learning environment with peer support. If you study in groups with a tutor, you'll be able to learn from your peers. Peer tutoring and studying helps students create a discourse that promotes further learning and a better understanding of a topic. This is helpful for the logic portions of the LSAT exam.

In-person tutors also hold students accountable. It's difficult to cancel sessions because scheduling is more rigid, so students need to commit time each week to test preparation. While this is helpful for some students, the lack of flexibility is terrible for others.

In-person tutoring is a great way to prepare for the LSAT exam, but it's not perfect. In-person tutors cost more than online tutors, on average, and they're less flexible. Plus, you might have to commute to your destination, which leads to time lost that could have been used for studying.

Online Tutors

In-person Tutors

Flexible schedule

No commute


Face-to-face interaction

Peer support

The Best LSAT Tutors in Sacramento, California

Sacramento is a big city with a lot of tutors. Most of the tutors are above-average, but when it comes to the LSAT, you want the best tutor you can find. So, we're going to take you through the best LSAT tutors in Sacramento to help you narrow down your options.

LSATMax Tutors

LSATMax Tutors are great at what they do. LSATMax is one of the most reputable online tutoring services for the LSAT exam because all of their tutors have passed the exam within the 99th percentile. So, all LSATMax tutors have passed the exam with a score higher than 170.

If that's not impressive enough, LSATMax tutors have helped thousands of students across the country achieve their desired scores. This means that LSATMax tutors have worked with students from many different backgrounds, which is essential for building relationships with prospective students. Regardless of where you live, there is an LSATMax tutor that knows what you're going through.

LSATMax is also budget-friendly and flexible. Students can choose from a few different packages, which vary in price, but every option can be financed. Sessions are also designed around the student's schedule, so you'll always have options. Furthermore, if you're not clicking well with your tutor, you can change to a new one at any point in the program. When it comes to flexibility, that's tough to beat.

Cost: Depends on hours ($216/hour least expensive package)

Location: Online Only (Video or Phone Conference)

Financing: Yes (via Affirm)

Qualifications: 99th percentile on the LSAT



Will is a young tutor that's built an impressive resume. He passed the LSAT exam with a 172, putting him into the 99th percentile. He also graduated from Northwestern University Law School Cum laude and Villanova University summa cum laude.

While his education is impressive, Will has a lot of experience helping students. He worked for a non-profit organization that helped students elevate their writing and academic work. Will also takes a unique approach to tutoring. Instead of using the same study plan for each student, he takes time to learn a student's strengths and weaknesses.

Cost:  TBD by Varsity Tutors

Location: Online

Financing: No

Qualifications: Passed the LSAT exam, Northwestern University — Juris Doctor



Nicholas is a no-nonsense LSAT tutor that knows his way around the exam. He scored within the 94th percentile and spent the last seven years helping students get into their dream schools. While Nicholas scored well on the LSAT, he has a lot of teaching experience. He's been a high school teacher for the past two years, which has given him very valuable experience building relationships with his students.

Nicholas is also great for students that don't speak English as a first language. He's fluent in Spanish and excels at building lesson plans for students that have difficulties with English. The LSAT exam has a writing portion, so for students that need help with English, Nicholas is a great choice.

Cost:  TBD by Varsity Tutors

Location: Online

Financing: No

Qualifications: Passed the LSAT exam, University of Delaware — Bachelor of Spanish Education



Daniel is a tutor that's straightforward and to the point. His areas of expertise include logic, reading, and writing. Daniel isn't the type of tutor to work slowly, and he likes to challenge students right out of the gate. His first few sessions help him understand a student's strengths and weaknesses, so he can rapidly improve them. His sessions are primarily done in-person.

Daniel also has an excellent educational background. He studied history and graduated from Davis School of Law with a Juris Doctor. This is great for students in Sacramento because he has alumni connections to his alma mater.

Cost: TBD by Daniel

Location: Sacramento (Within 30 minutes)

Financing: No

Qualifications: Davis School of Law —Juris Doctor



Kaplan is a well-known test preparation company that's helped thousands of students pass the exam. The company operates nationwide but holds in-person tutoring sessions in Sacramento. While in-person sessions are available, Kaplan also uses Zoom calls to connect with students online.

Kaplan also has a lot of tutors to choose from, and every tutor has scored higher than a 155 on the LSAT exam. There are also different tutoring packages for students to choose from based on your budget. Plus, Kaplan has a flexible schedule and allows you to finance packages.

Cost: Starting at $2,599 for 15 hours

Location: Online via Zoom

Financing: Yes, through Affirm

Qualifications: All tutors have passed the LSAT