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University of Wisconsin Law School Overview

The University of Wisconsin Law School has a proud tradition as one of the oldest in the country. The law school dates back to 1868. Madison serves as the headquarters for the campus. The school offers students a unique experience to practice their newly learned skills.

The law school features both a trial and appellate courtroom. Therefore, students can organize and conduct mock trials for real-life practice. The curriculum at the University of Wisconsin Law School is demanding. Students get challenged in every facet of law.

The University of Wisconsin Law School ranks within the top 35 in the country. It has an impeccable record with a bar passage rate of 100%. Considering the high standard of education, the school offers outstanding value for its tuition. Fees are relatively low compared to other law schools.

Students enjoy a good quality of life at the school. The University of Wisconsin is considered one of the top three party schools in the country. However, you won't have a lot of time to interact with first-year students.  If you stay in off-campus housing, you can avoid the party scene.

Students can also choose to live on campus. Around 95% of first-year students opt for on-campus housing. Off-campus housing is relatively inexpensive, so it is a realistic alternative. Greek life is popular on campus.

The law school gives you many opportunities to practice your skills. The University of Wisconsin manages a free law clinic where you can get hands-on experience. It also doesn't hurt to give back through the law clinic.

While there are opportunities to practice what you've learned, the school focuses a lot on theory and research. Consequently, make yourself prepared for doing a lot of research. It will serve you well during your studies.

The law school offers two primary programs:

  • Juris Doctor
  • Master of Laws

Students may also pursue joint degrees. There is a wide range of specialist courses available as well. Many students opt to add a business course to the mix. It helps students when they want to set up their own practices later on down the road.

Most universities pack in as many students per class as possible. In many cases, it means higher than average class numbers. The downside to having bigger classes is that students won't get as much individual attention.

However, the University of Wisconsin has opted for smaller class sizes. The average class size in the state is 130 students per class. Meanwhile, class sizes at the University of Wisconsin are approximately 135 per class.

The attrition rates at the University of Wisconsin point to the rigors of the curriculum. Around 4.3% of students drop out in their first year. If you make it through to your second year, you're less likely to drop out.

Most students will find work within a few months of graduating. Will they stay in Wisconsin? It depends on how much students want to earn. Salaries in Wisconsin are generally lower than in other states. However, the cost of living is lower, so the wages balance out in certain situations. So, if you plan to move out of state after graduation, do your research carefully.

University of Wisconsin Law School Rankings

According to U.S. News, the school ranks 33rd out of all the law schools in the country. It's important to know where the law school ranks overall. U.S. News conducts extensive research into a range of factors to compile its annual list.

The U.S. News considers school outcomes, price, student body, and many more factors. The ranking system makes it a lot easier for students to narrow down their list of considerations and make a final decision.

According to, the university ranks third in the country in terms of party schools. It is probably not what most parents want to hear, but it is something to consider in your final decision. Regardless, if you're a disciplined student, there's nothing to worry about as you can avoid the outside temptations and distractions.

University of Wisconsin Law School Admissions

What is the University of Wisconsin Law School acceptance rate?

The University of Wisconsin Law School acceptance rate over the last few years has stayed relatively consistent. It averages out at 49%. School admissions are relatively competitive. You've got about a fifty/ fifty shot at getting in as long as you submit your application on time.

The school checks prospective students carefully but is not as strict as a law school at Harvard University. The University of Wisconsin Law School receives around 1,200 applications a year. There are generally about 650 positions available each year.

The University of Wisconsin Law School is looking for:

  • Students with an outstanding work ethic
  • Good GPA and LSAT scores
  • Students that display an inherent understanding of the law

The law school has a reputation for providing an excellent education. But that means it requires discipline and determination. It is important to keep it in mind when you consider applying.

If you're applying for a scholarship, apply as early as possible. Get the application in on the 1st of September if possible. Also, check the individual deadlines for the programs that you want to apply for if you can't put your application in by September.

It is also important that you put some effort into your application essay. However, the University of Wisconsin School of Law doesn't usually require prospective students to complete a formal interview. Therefore, your essay is your only shot to impress the admissions board.

Late applications get accepted at the discretion of the board, but only if the school has space. Since the available slots fill up quickly, it's best not to rely on a last-minute application.

Finally, while we mentioned that the University of Wisconsin is considered a party school, be prepared to pull your weight. The law school has a bar passage rate of 100%. It doesn't tolerate students that slack off or fail to take academics seriously.

  Applications Offers Matriculated
Class of 2023 1,292 631 (48,84%) 186 (14,4%)
  25% Median 75%
GPA 3.27 3.54 3.76
LSAT 155 161 162


  25% Median 75%
Class of 2020      
GPA 3.27 3.51 3.76
LSAT 158 159 164


University of Wisconsin Law School LSAT Percentiles

75th percentile 162
50th percentile 161
25th percentile 155


2023 Entering Class Profile

Number of Students 542
 LSAT Score 161
Undergraduate GPA 3.54
% Women 46.7%
%  Students of Color 5.5%
% Enrolled Directly After College 14.4%


What is the tuition for University of Wisconsin Law School?

  In-State Resident Non-Resident
Full Time $21,378 $40,074
Part-Time $1,875 $3,433


What are the living expenses at University of Wisconsin Law School?

On-Campus $19,074
Off-Campus $19,074


What are the housing options at University of Wisconsin Law School?

On-Campus Yes
Off-Campus Yes


BAR Passage Rates at University of Wisconsin Law School

Reporting 99.6%
First Time Takers 250
University of Wisconsin Average 100%
Wisconsin Average 81.2%
National Average 75%


Application Deadlines

When will the University of Wisconsin application materials be available?

The application needs to get completed online. All materials are available from the 1st of September.

When does University of Wisconsin begin accepting applications?

The law school starts to accept applications on the 1st of September for the following year.

How are applications to University of Wisconsin submitted?

All applications need to get submitted online. It is important to note that incomplete applications are not valid. As a result, we recommend getting your application submitted as early as possible.

Does the University of Wisconsin have an ?early admission? or an ?early decision? process?

Yes. The school deadline is the 1st of November the year before you want to enroll.

How much is the application fee and when is the deadline?

Application Fee $56
Early Decision Deadline 11/1/2019
Regular Decision Deadline 1/4/2020


Does the University of Wisconsin grant interviews?

Generally speaking, admission interviews are not required. In cases where the school feels that an interview is necessary, you may conduct one with the institution through Skype.

Employment after University of Wisconsin Law School

Median Salary Private Sector $71,000
Median Salary Public Sector $49,254

Your prospects upon graduating are favorable. Around 99.6% of students find a job within nine months of finishing school. 52% of graduates opt to join an already established law practice. It's a good plan of action.

You have the opportunity to get experience at an established law firm. You'll have a junior position, but you will also receive access to more critical cases. Cases that, as a newly qualified lawyer, no one would trust you with on your own.

Approximately 20% of students join a business as part of their in-house legal team. 17% opt for a career in the public sector. Public sector jobs include clerking for a judge or working as a public defender.

Considering the difference in pay between the public and private sectors, it's hardly surprising that the majority of graduates opt for the private sector. Unfortunately, in Wisconsin, no public sector jobs pay you what you're worth.

A small percentage of students start their own practice. It is a difficult road to travel because people are less likely to trust a lawyer with little to no experience.

Examples of the career you might pursue, include:

  • Protecting the intellectual property rights of clients
  • Joining one of the branches of the armed forces as a lawyer
  • Working as a policy lawyer
  • Working as a compliance lawyer
  • Protecting the planet by specializing in environmental law
  • Working as a judicial clerk
  • Serving those immigrating to the United States as an immigration lawyer

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