My favorite holiday is Halloween. It is the time of year you can don any costume you would like and be someone or something completely different than who you are. Every year I save up on a ton of really bomb candy, and decorate my house with cobwebs, hanging ghosts and tombstones. I don’t want little kids leaving my house thinking, “Oh man, all I got was smarties and a tootsie roll.” No way! I want them leaving with a large grin thinking, “Oh My Ghouls, I just got a fun-size snickers bar and a dark chocolate milky way!” Right? One day I hope to be successful enough for the children to leave and think, “I was just handed a king size dark chocolate snickers bar this night is amazing.” *Sigh* one day.

Till then I will settle with my fun-size candy and homemade decorations. Okay, so why am I ranting and raving about the best holiday ever? Because, my LSAT taking friends, you need to take this evening, relax, suit up in your favorite costume and have some undead fun! It’s really important to take a break from those Logic Games and Reading Comprehension sections, especially for such a fun holiday!

I know what you’re thinking, “In all this time that I’ve been analyzing reading comprehension passage after passage, I have not had time to figure out a really cool Halloween costume.” Worry not my LSAT studier! I have compiled a list of awesome costumes that you can try out!

  1. An LSAT Game
    Okay, so this may not be that “awesome” for the layman, but for your other LSAT taking friends, they will find it silly. Grab a couple of your friends, place a "Hi My Name Is" sticker on each person and choose names that are alphabetical. Then stick together throughout the night and rearrange your order. Hah!
  2. A Binder Full of Women
    You could get a couple of your gal pals, make a big binder out of cardboard and strap it around you. There you go, a binder full of women. :) This is not a biased blog just an opportunistic one.
  3. Gandalf
    I find that Gandalf is a classic because not only doe sit give you a really good reason to grow out a beard, but you can don a really old bathrobe and grab a walking stick and you’re ready! Plus, it could be your way of showing your excitement for the upcoming Hobbit movie.
  4. Pinterest Board
    In homage to the online organizational/scrapbook sensation, you can clip photos of things you like:  food, or clothes or places, and pin them onto your chest. Voila! You are a Pinterest board. :)
  5. Fifty Shades of Grey
    You can put on lots of articles of grey clothing, hopefully different shades, and then maybe find remnants of grey cloth and pin or sew them onto you as well. There you go, Fifty Shades of Grey. Boom!

Halloween costumes are about being funny, topical, and quippy. They are not about being slutty or unoriginal. Do not disappoint me my LSAT preppers. And for your information, this year I have bought a full body fox costume. It’s a mascot grade fox outfit, with ears and a tail. It’s going to be lovely. Happy Halloween everyone!

Happy Studying!

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