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I can’t tell you how many times I have seen my LSAT students dozing off or fluttering their eyes battling an onset sleep-deprived coma. I know it’s not because they find the LSAT boring. I mean, how could they?! I believe there are two culprits. First is a lack of sleep. LSAT takers, listen up! Forgoing a good night’s sleep for a few extra drowsy hours of LSAT prep, is not helpful! Schedule out your day, plan, and study your desired hours AND get a good night’s rest. The second culprit is skipping breakfast. Coffee and a donut, let alone no donut, do not equal breakfast. Have I blown your mind?

Researchers have found that eating a balanced meal first thing in the morning helps regulate your blood sugar levels, which in turn regulates your energy levels for the rest of the day. More energy means more time to study for the LSAT! See the connection? Let’s try it this way:

If you eat your breakfast, then you will have more energy during the day. If you have more energy during the day, then you will be able to study more for the LSAT. If you study more for the LSAT, then your score will be higher. If your score is higher, then you have a better chance of getting into a better school. If you get into a better school, then you have a better chance of getting a better job after graduation. If you have a better job after graduation, then you will have a higher paying salary. If you have a higher paying salary, then you might be able to be ridiculously well off one day. If you become ridiculously well off one day, then you can donate a lot of money to cancer research. If you donate a lot of money to cancer research, then you may possibly have a hand in finding the cure to cancer.

From the information above, what can you properly infer?

People who eat breakfast, may possibly cure cancer!

Are you telling me you don’t want to possibly cure cancer?! Then hurry up and eat your well-balanced breakfast! When I was studying for the LSAT, I would always have one piece of gluten-free toast, which I put peanut butter on with slices of bananas, sprinkled with cinnamon and drizzled with agave syrup. Yum! But, that’s not all! I’d also have two egg whites, a glass full of grapefruit juice and a cup of coffee.

Peanut butter, as we’ve discussed, is brain food. Bananas have loads of potassium, which helps relieve muscle cramps aka your hands won’t cramp from bubbling in answers or working out Logic Game section after section. Cinnamon is proven to increase endorphin levels in your brain, which will help you stay happy while you LSAT prep, and agave syrup is just darn delicious. The protein in the egg whites, gave me endurance and energy. The grapefruit juice filled me with vitamin C to fight off any last minute colds creeping around the corner. And coffee is and forever will be my drug of choice.

I hope that was inspiring. So put that donut down! Grab a pan and cook up some eggs. Or make your mom, husband, or other loved ones do it for you!

Happy Studying!

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