Bar Exam Essay Grading

Writing critiques by former bar exam graders for unparalleled personalized feedback and the most accurate practice score.

BarMax Essay / PT Grading

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BarMax Essay Grading Unlimited

$500 00

Submit unlimited essays during the 12 week BarMax calendar preceding one exam.*

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BarMax graders have years of experience grading for the state bar. Students receive two complimentary writing critiques with purchase of a full course. These critiques can be applied to either essays or performance tests.

For best results, complete 1 essay, then apply the critique to your next essay. Submitting numerous essays is not recommended as an effective study tactic.

Critiques are typically returned to students within two to five business days at non peak times. In the month before the exam grading times may be longer due to a high volume of submissions.

The unlimited essay-grading package does not include performance tests. Students can use their two complimentary critiques to have performance tests graded.

Essays can be submitted online. Please use the same login information that you used within the app.