BarMax Course Notebooks

Hardcopy notebooks are included with our bar review courses.

Purchase a course to get a copy of our bar outline notebooks.

UBE Outlines Notebook

UBE Outlines

MBE Outlines Notebook

MBE Outlines

California Outlines Notebook

CA Outlines

BarMax MBE OPE Questions

MBE Questions Book

Baby Bar Outlines Notebook

Baby Bar Outlines

BarMax’s outline notebooks are an excellent supplement for students who would like the course materials in printed form in addition to inside the app.

While all of the course materials are available inside our iOS app, BarMax also makes materials available in printed format for students who would prefer to read off paper text.

The MBE Questions notebook contains the four Online Practice Exams (i.e. OPE 1-4) in printed form. The explanations for these questions will only be accessible from our iOS app or online.