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California Bar Exam Review

BarMax's California Bar Exam Review Course offers comprehensive prep for every aspect of the CA bar exam.

The California bar exam is known to be one of the most difficult exams in the nation and is administered over a 3-day period in February and July. Despite this fact, our California students consistently tell us how prepared they felt on exam day and our pass rates support it.

BarMax California provides you with a comprehensive and manageable course that teaches every aspect of the state exam, including MBE topics and state-specific material.

Our course is unique in that it streamlines the material you need to pass the exam, instead of providing an intimidating amount of unnecessary content. It also provides you with real MBE questions, not questions that are "test-like" and written in-house.

When you enroll in BarMax California, your study materials are available instantly, so you can start immediately and study at your pace. Plus, there are no additional fees to access the full course after the exam.

Course Structure

BarMax California includes the 14 major exam topics, corresponding to the topics tested on the exam. We then divide each topic into 7-8 subtopics, to make the study material easier to absorb.

Each of these subtopics include an in-depth outline, an audio lecture from a Harvard-educated law professor, and when appropriate, numerous flashcards and multiple-choice MBE questions from previous exams.

Upon enrollment, you'll receive a Welcome Packet that includes skeleton outlines of lecture notes. The Welcome Packet also includes printable PDFs of performance tests and practice essays from previous exams, with 2 model answers for each essay.

You will also receive 2 free writing critiques (performance tests or essays). Additional critiques can be purchased a la carte, or in an unlimited package. Our former state bar graders ensure you receive accurate and effective criticism.

Questions? See our FAQ, chat with us, or call (855) 483-7862.

Download a sample CA study calendar to see what a manageable study plan should look like.

Our CA Pass Rate

79% 68%
BarMax first time ABA State first time ABA
70% 59%
BarMax first time State first time
53% 46%
BarMax overall State overall

Features of BarMax CA

  • Instant access to study materials
  • No fee to repeat
  • Study at your pace and on-the-go
  • 1,580+ real MBE questions from previous bar exams
  • 160+ real CA practice essay questions (each with two model answers)
  • 50+ real CA performance test questions (each with two model answers)
  • 50+ hours of lectures from professors educated at Harvard Law School
  • 1,500+ flashcards sorted by subject
  • 14 Skeleton outlines in Word format for note taking
  • Printable materials in PDF/Word format
  • Tips and tricks, so you feel prepared for exam day
  • Support via email, chat, phone, and message boards
  • A Comprehensive Bar Review Course

    Everything you need to pass; nothing more, nothing less.

    BarMax Features
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Instant Access

Access our course instantly and keep it for life (even though we are confident you won’t need it that long).

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Study Anywhere

The entire course fits inside our app and no Internet is required to access the materials.

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Real Questions Only

Over 1,500 real MBE questions, plus real essays and real performance tests licensed directly from the NCBE.

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High-Quality Content

BarMax’s founders and professors are Harvard Law School alumni.

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Clear & Concise

Only one outline per subject plus mnemonics and flashcards to help you memorize.

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Higher Pass Rates

We release our pass rates while other bar review courses refuse to.

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Writing Feedback

Personalized writing feedback by former bar exam graders is included with the course.

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Flexible Pricing

0% financing available with Affirm with payments as low as $42/month.

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