Campus rep program


Let's face it: traditional bar review courses are far too expensive. We feel that this is a direct result of a lack of competition in this space. How else can you explain paying close to $4000 to watch pre-recorded videos in a classroom?

BarMax is looking for passionate students to help spread the word about our high-quality alternative to traditional bar review courses. By becoming a BarMax Campus Rep, you can make a lot of money and help your classmates save thousands of dollars on bar review.

Program Benefits

1. 50% Off BarMax

By signing up as a BarMax Campus Rep you become eligible to purchase a BarMax full course for 50% off the retail price (i.e. 50% x $999 = $499). This discounted rate will be valid for 30 days and you will have access to the full course during this period. Your purchase will grant you lifetime access to the most up-to-date BarMax content.

2. Cash Commissions

As a Campus Rep you can offer a BarMax full course to potential customers for $849 (i.e. $150 off). After referring two students who purchase a BarMax full course we will refund your BarMax course purchase (i.e. $499). You will then receive a cash commission for each sale of BarMax that you generate.

How To Apply

Apply by emailing your resume to or by calling (855) 483-7862 [ext. 1].