Should You Take the LSAT with Logic Games?

With the January 2024 LSAT mostly in the books, there are only three remaining LSAT administrations with the Logic Games section. Before that section goes away in August 2024, replaced by a second Logical Reasoning section, we have the fast-approaching February, April, and June exams. This raises the question: should you try to prepare for one of these final LSATs with the Logic Games section, or should you wait until the August 2024 test to take the LG-free version of the LSAT?

The answer to that question will depend on several factors, summarized in the following short video. The video will cover how your law school plans, academic background, interests, and target score will affect your 2024 LSAT decision.

If you have more questions after watching this video, our LSAT experts can discuss some of these issues with you and help you make a customized plan to maximize your LSAT score. You can reach out to us to solidify your decision and set off on your road to your LSAT target score!