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BarMax Program + Jennifer Carr's Tutoring = Recipe for Passing the Bar Exam

I passed the bar exam with 20 points to spare. I scored a 286, when passing is a 266. As a full-time lawyer practising in India, I had serious doubts whether I would be able to pass the bar exam. I was looking for a bar prep course that attacked the exam as opposed to a course that exhaustively covered the subjects tested on the exam. With a young family and a full-time practice, time was a scarce commodity. BarMax perfectly fit the bill. Its outlines focused on most heavily tested areas of the exam. I was thrilled that Mehran, the owner of BarMax got on a call with me to answer all my questions. I wasn't pushed off to a sales/business executive. He was available at all times and shared his personal cell phone number. In terms of cos...
Ramana Reddy May 01

I am a foreign trained lawyer

I am a foreign trained lawyer, and was able to use TestMaxPrep to train for the New York Bar Exam. I got COVID my first time writing the exam so I had to delay my writing. TestMaxPrep allows you lifetime access, which means I did not have to re-pay for access to their training modules when I rescheduled. My success in passing the New York Bar Exam is directly related to my use of TestMaxPrep.
Steven Broadley Apr 28

Foreign-educated applicant passed first go

As a foreign-educated applicant who had never studied at a US law school, I knew the odds were stacked against me, but I scored a 300 on my first attempt in New York. I exclusively followed the BarMax study plan leading up to the February 2024 exam and found that BarMax provided highly accessible resources and tools, with prompt and practical essay feedback, without which I would not have passed. I unequivocally recommend the BarMax program and their staff.
Matthew Kuenzle Apr 24

International Lawyer Experience (Chile)

After obtaining my LL.M degree in the U.S. I knew that the next step was taking the NY Bar Exam, which is a major challenge for a Civil Law lawyer (from Chile) like me. I really needed a tool that help me out considering I have a full time job and a family with kids. In Bar Exam I found everything I needed: the app is super helpful, you have tons of practice questions, explanations, and even office hours. The program is set up so that you can manage your study time and see results. I will strongly recomend Barmax to everyone, whether national or international colleagues.
Juan Jose Tanhuz Jan 18

Foreign lawyer passed first time!

I am a foreign trained lawyer and passed first time with TestMax! The materials are comprehensive but manageable, and the program allows you to study flexibly to fit in with your needs. I also had a great tutor who helped with all of my questions and worked through areas specific to the US with me. Would recommend!
Rebekah French May 08

Incredible staff and best Bar Prep in…

The Best Bar Prep Guide in the Market! I’m a foreign law educated and I used BarMax to take New York Bar Exam. It is very easy to use. A complete and comprehensive bar prep guide. As a parent with a full-time job, taking the bar exam 10 years after graduating law school is not easy. But thanks to BarMax, its lectures, real MBE questions, and its notes I took the New York bar with confidence and passed it with flying colors. I highly recommend it, especially for foreign lawyers.
parwiz Esmati Apr 13

I'm a foreign attorney and passed the…

I'm a foreign attorney and passed the bar exam on the first try with a score of 316. I could not have done it without BarMax! The course materials are comprehensive but not overloaded, and the app interface is extremely user-friendly. The instructors were extremely helpful in helping me understand certain concepts better and always answered my queries promptly. The biggest advantage of BarMax is content lifetime access, so I started bar prep a year ahead.
Geraldine Soon Apr 09

Bar Max was a good fit for me

Bar Max was a good fit for me. I am a foreign-trained lawyer and was not overwhelmed with Bar Max's layout. The lectures, flashcards and practice questions paired with Whitney - an EXCELLENT tutor, helped me pass the exam. Highly recommended! Thank you Bar Max!
Chris Oct 31

BarMax was a good fit for me.

BarMax was a good fit for me. Their outlines are not overwhelming--focuses on the important rules. Reading the past essay and MPT questions was a big help in my bar exam review. They now have Office Hours Session videos, which are very helpful. Some of these videos will give you tips on how to answer MPT and Essay questions. --Jose Mari Perdices, Foreign Attorney, LLM from the University of Washington
JoseMari Perdices Oct 30


I PASSED THE NEW YORK BAR EXAM THE FIRST TIME AS A FOREIGN LAW STUDENT!! I am from England, and I have an LLM degree from a North Carolina law school. While I was there I heard a lot about various providers (a lot of advertising from Barbri and Kaplan). I decided to postpone taking the bar exam for a few years due to other commitments, and when I finally decided I was ready to take it, I did not know which provider to go for. I found out that a girl from my UK University had passed the California bar exam and so I asked her which provider she studied with. She told me BarMax! I had never heard of them before, but she had nothing but good things to say! I decided to look into them and realised they were the perfect course for me! Not only...
Kerry Oct 28

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Michelle Dy

Michelle Dy

New York University School of Law

I'm a foreign-educated lawyer and I just passed the February 2018 NY bar on my first try. I only used BarMax for my review and I conclude it is the best option for people who don't want to pay for an inordinate amount of money for a bar review program - and it's yours forever! As long as you have the discipline to study, the materials are sufficient in order for you to pass the bar. I also consider offering real past MBE questions a huge plus.

Ran He

Ran He

Osgoode Hall Law School

Being a Canadian JD, I decided to write both Canadian and US bar exams in the same summer. After finishing my Canadian Bar Exam, I had only five weeks to fully prepare for the New York Bar. BarMax's effective course structure turned this mission-impossible into reality. The audio lectures and the outlines are extremely useful; brief, clear, effective and comprehensive enough to cover almost all the points you can expect on the test days. The real MBE exam questions turned out to be wonderful practice and prediction for the real questions and exam.

The essay grading service is a huge bonus which helped me craft a better way to respond. After five weeks of intensive study with BarMax (and only BarMax), I passed New York bar exam (UBE) with 65 points over the passing score of 266, with over 160 in MBE. I cannot imagine me passing the New York Bar in five weeks with such a high score without the wonderful help from BarMax. Indeed, I feel greatly indebted to BarMax's wonderful lectures, questions and services (no need to mention it only costed me less than $1000). I have recommended BarMax to every friend who plans to take the New York Bar exam and am happy to recommend it to anyone without any reservation.

Michael Whitbread

Michael Whitbread

University of Newcastle, Australia

BarMax is quite simply the reason I passed the New York Bar Exam.

I'm a foreign lawyer, so lacked the benefit of having completed an American JD prior to sitting the exams.

I'd tried Barbri and Kaplan, both of which disappointed and led to unfortunate exam results first time around. Unwieldy materials. Unfocused lecturers. Wrong emphases. None of which positioned the exam candidate as best they could do.

BarMax by contrast did exactly as claimed. They literally provide thousands of past exam MBE questions, one after another, with guidance for correct answers and a timer to foster discipline. Many hundreds of past essays to practice against are provided as well.

I got that email at 3am local time saying I passed my exams and the feeling of elation is hard to describe.

I'm recommending my friends all use BarMax when their time comes to sit the exam. I really can't recommend BarMax enough.

Nigel Phillips

Nigel Phillips

Picking a bar exam prep course was stressful enough… without taking into account the fact I don't have a JD or I hadn't been in any form of legal education or work in over 5 years. I didn't know where to start, I read reviews and articles and asked friends. In the end, after a grueling process of examining every option, I decided on BarMax. Primarily due to the price, the fully online format, the lifetime access to the app!!

Like any state bar examinee I was still worried about the width and depth of my study and this was magnified by the fact that I had no background in US law at all. Never fear, I made the right choice and I am eternally grateful for Barmax and the decision I made, everything I needed was in the app; In depth lectures, a huge supply of multiple choice questions, flashcards, essay questions and answers, I was more prepared for the exam then I had been for any exam in my academic career. The entire spectrum of the exam content was covered and the depth was impeccable. I passed the New York State Bar on my first attempt using BarMax as my sole resource! I intend to sit the California Bar next year but with BarMax on my iPad I have nothing to worry about.

Kristy Williams

Kristy Williams

I am a foreign educated lawyer, completing my LLB in Canada. Prior to purchasing the BarMax app I had no background in U.S. law. I should note was my first attempt at writing any U.S. bar exam.

I believe that the fact that I, with no background in US law, was able to pass the bar solely on the basis of your program is a testament to the thoroughness of your product. It was all I needed.

I would recommend this product to anyone, including foreign educated lawyers, interested in preparing to write the NY bar exam.

Michael Kantor

Michael Kantor

I studied law in Canada 25 years ago. I am also very busy with a full time job and 4 young children. So, my limited available time to study, together with my lack of knowledge of US law made me very wary about being able to pass the New York bar exam. When I read that BarMax materials are concise, and teach you just what you need to know to pass, I decided to give BarMax a chance. I recently found out that I passed the UBE and am ecstatic!

I used only the BarMax materials to study. I found reviewing the MBE questions very helpful, with BarMax providing clear explanations regarding how to arrive at the right answer. I also greatly appreciated the concise outline materials for each subject. The fact that I was able to listen to lectures and review questions on my iPad meant I could study anywhere, which was very convenient. I would highly recommend BarMax to others. Thank you BarMax!

David Glasgow


David Glasgow

I just wanted to say thank you for your New York bar review course. I am an Australian lawyer who took your course and sat for the New York bar exam in July this year. I had never studied any American law before and took the course by myself. I found out a couple of weeks ago that I passed the exam.

As a first-time taker, I was nervous about sitting the exam and nervous about choosing a course other than the major Barbri or Kaplan options. But obviously I made the right choice, so thanks for designing a clear, effective and comprehensive course that is also much cheaper than the major competitors.

Helena Kastlova


Helena Kastlova

I am a foreign attorney who was educated and practiced only in Europe. Prior taking the California bar exam I had no experience with US law whatsoever. I was preparing myself for the exam solely based on BarMax and I passed the bar exam on the first attempt. I can only highly recommend this prep course for anyone – it apparently includes all you need to know to pass the exam.

The outlines are very well prepared and if you learn them well and practice essay writing, you have a good chance to pass. And I really appreciated the sample multiple choice questions. I have also very good experience with communication with BarMax people – whenever any bugs occurred and I reported them, they answered immediately and tried to help. I just needed more time than recommended by the app (about 3 months), but maybe I would succeed even with less time.

All in all, I was really happy with the app and think it was definitely well invested money. Thank you!

Ester Vanguardia

University of the Philippines

Ester Vanguardia

With BarMax I didn’t feel like I overprepared or wasted a lot of time studying irrelevant matters. The presentation of the matter was very straightforward and basic and the real MBE questions helped a lot.

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