We know you're in the midst of your bar prep, but it's really important to make sure that you do not burn yourself out. It's a known fact that taking breaks and allowing yourself to relax intermittently throughout your studying will increase your focus, stamina and mood-three great assets on the bar exam. This Saturday is a national holiday, the Fourth of July. Why not use this fortuitous timing to take a break from your studies, hang out with friends and family, eat some delicious BBQ, drink a cold beer and watch some mesmerizing fireworks.

We're not saying take the whole day off, but why not get in your bar prep for the day during the morning and afternoon, and join the patriotic festivities later in the day. Don your red, white and blue gear, place a hot dog in a bun, and sit back in a lawn chair to enjoy some sparkly lights go off in the sky!

To start off your Fourth of July fun, we thought we could give you some cool factoids about this holiday that you probably never knew!

  1. The Fourth is also a significant day in the Philippines. July 4th marks the day the Philippines gained their independence from America. In 1898, the Philippines was ceded to the United States as part of the treaty that ended the Spanish-American War. However, shortly after World War II, on July 4th, 1946, the U.S. granted the Philippines its sovereignty. The Philippines stopped celebrating their Independence Day on July 4th in 1962. President Macapagal switched the official holiday to June 12th, the date that the Philippines declared independence from Spain in 1898.
  2. Three presidents passed away on July 4th. Two of the Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, passed away on July 4, 1826, and five years later James Monroe died on July 4, 1831. Though, the nation's 30th president, Calvin Coolidge, was actually born on July 4, 1872.
  3. It is the day of the year that the most hot dogs are consumed in America. One the whole, the country consumes around 20 billion hot dogs every year. 155 million of those 20 billion are consumed on the Fourth of July. To help you better visualize, that's enough franks to traverse from Los Angeles to D.C. with some left over!
  4. Driving-wise, it's a more dangerous day then New Year's Eve. Between 2004 and 2008, 148 people died in traffic accidents on average-that's more than any other day of the year. Almost 41% of the accidents are alcohol related, compared to the normal 31% on an average day.
  5. Over $600 million is spent on fireworks every year. Further, health officials approximate that every year more than 1,400 hand injuries occur because of fireworks on Independence Day.

Interesting, right? Alright, plan your Fourth so that you can finish your bar prep in time to celebrate the festivities with your loved ones!

Happy Studying! Happy Fourth!