About To Give Up, Woman Finally Passes Bar Exam On 6th Attempt

Last year, you met Sheila. Now, meet Marsha Teasely, a graduate of Peoples College of Law, who failed the CA bar exam five straight times.”

No surprise there. After all, according to conventional wisdom, Marsha should not pass the bar exam. In fact, some leading bar exam review courses refuse to publicly release their pass rates because, according to them, a lot of non-ABA students take their courses.”

Thankfully, on her sixth attempt, Marsha ignored conventional wisdom and signed up for BarMax CA for iPad. Here is her story:”

"My name is Marsha. I am a woman who graduated from am unaccredited law school in 2009 and am now in my mid-fifties.”

I am not the type of person who passes the California Bar-ever! Not because I am not smart enough-I am a registered nurse [RN] with a thirty-year career in ICU nursing. I studied hard and graduated top of my class. However, I am older, did not go to an ABA or CA accredited law school, and did not pass the first time, which places me in the repeater category. Statistically speaking, I had an eleven percent chance of passing the bar in California. I spent more money on various bar review courses, including a one-on-one tutor than my entire legal education. I failed the CA Bar five times using five different methods of bar review.”

BarMax came into my life when I got the failing bar results after my fifth attempt taking the CA Bar. Trust me, I had a lot of bar review methods to compare to BarMax.”

BarMax simplifies and organizes the material in a way to make what you already know about the law accessible when crunch time hits during the exam. The flash cards are easy to memorize and remember while taking the bar exam. The comments on practice essays submitted to the BarMax graders are relevant and I believe made a difference when I did pass the bar. The lectures succinctly cover the material and there are plenty of real MBE questions, along with explanations, to practice on. There is also no need to lose any sleep worrying about how to organize study time BarMax gives guidance in this area as well.”

I believe BarMax made the difference when I passed the CA Bar Exam on my sixth attempt. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to the BarMax team. I knew from the moment I signed up for BarMax that there were people who were there to ensure my success, believed in me as an individual, and taught me in a way that I, personally, could understand.”

Thank you BarMax team, from the fullness of my heart."”

Marsha Teasely”