Relaxing with Music

We are officially less than five weeks away from the exam. For most bar prep students that means they are swimming in a whirlpool of stress and panic. You've probably already had at least one panic attack. You may feel like the world is slowly closing in on you, but we're here to tell you to take a deep breath. You're going to be just fine. So far you've been following your bar prep schedule and working hard. Continue working diligently, practicing and memorizing and you'll soon walk out of that exam room on July 28th with a relieved smile on your face.

The best thing to do now is continue studying and add a steady regimen of relaxation techniques into your every day. Today we wanted to focus on a very powerful, yet simple tool that can help add ample relaxation into your daily routine: music.

Music has a unique connection to our emotions, which is why it is an extremely effective stress-relieving tool. Listening to music, especially slow, quiet classical music can help slow our heart rate, and lower our blood pressure, in turn, decreasing the levels of stress hormones flowing inside of us. For hundreds of years music has been found to help treat illnesses and restore harmony between the body and mind. Recent scientific studies have found that listening to music with headphones can reduce stress and anxiety. Listening to music can relieve depression and increase self-esteem ratings.

We recommend starting out your day listening to music.  Studies have shown that waking up to a familiar piece of music in the morning can help ease you into the day. A little known trick to further elevate your mood is to sing with the music. Singing promotes relaxation because it slows and regulates your breathing.  Try singing in the shower as you get ready for you day! You can sing 'a capella' or to music. Whichever you fancy most!

Often times, people who are stressed out will refrain from listening to music because they feel it is a waste of time. To the contrary, listening to music will help you improve on your bar prep because it will decrease your stress levels and improve your mood! Try it out. If you don't like classical music, then try something else. The type of music is mostly subjective. Put on some tunes during your break and relax!

Happy Studying!