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Score: 180

Matt Shinners
Harvard Law

Matt earned a biochemistry degree from Boston College and a law degree from Harvard (where he sadly didn't get a chance to meet Mehran despite them being there at the same time).

After law school, Matt has spent much of his career building materials and programs for students to take their LSAT prep to the next level. He's taught and designed classes, wrote and edited study guides and books, and written or edited an explanation for essentially every question that's been on the test. His focus on why someone would select each answer allows him to address the pitfalls that he's seen students fall into."

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Score: 173

Ross Rinehart

Ross graduated from UCLA in 2009 with a BA in English and Political Science, and from USC Law in 2013. (Yes, he gets a lot of questions about attending both of those crosstown rivals.)

But after graduating from law school, Ross couldn’t escape the gravitational pull of the LSAT. Ross has been teaching the LSAT since 2014, leading dozens in-person and online courses, tutoring many students, developing LSAT courses, creating written and filmed LSAT explanations, writing about the exam for several outlets, training and mentoring other LSAT instructors … he’s been around this test for a long time and has approached it from many angles. And yet, he has never tired of the exam, or helping his students achieve life-changing score increases.

Ross knows how difficult studying for the LSAT can be and always aims to create a comfortable and convivial learning environment, in which asking questions and making mistakes are not only accepted, but embraced as an integral part of the learning process. In fact, making mistakes is something Ross is all too familiar with: Ross has been an avid skater for over 20 years, and has messed up about a million (give or take) trick attempts. When the LSAT and falling on his skateboard have worn out Ross’s mind and joints, respectively, Ross enjoys playing tennis, collecting records, and searching for the perfect cup of coffee."

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Score: 178

Jelena Woehr
Colorado State University

Jelena Woehr was born and raised in Golden, Colorado, known as “the gateway to the Rocky Mountains.” There she cut her teeth on logic by getting into, then out of, an impressive amount of trouble. When not organizing student protests or lobbying the school board, Jelena competed in equestrian sports and constitutional debate.

More recently, Jelena took the June 2017 LSAT, partly out of curiosity about the legal profession and partly because she developed a serious Logic Games addiction after her initial diagnostic. After three months of self-directed study, Jelena achieved a score of 178. While she didn't end up falling in love with law school, she did find herself really enjoying the LSAT—so much that she left her previous, ten-year career in tech startups behind and began teaching the test. Jelena prides herself on helping her students understand not just the systems and methods they can apply to get a good score, but the underlying logic of the test and its applicability to the challenge of learning to think like a law student.

Outside of her work with the LSAT, Jelena is a writer, creative content producer, and a competitive equestrian endurance rider. Her work appears on several popular true crime podcasts, and her spec TV pilots have been recognized in major competitions. She recently completed both the 100-mile Tevis Cup and the 50-mile AERC National Championship."

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Ethan Mackey
LSATMax Tutoring Student, Score: 180
“I signed up for some tutoring sessions and the effect was immediate. My practice scores began to rise again. My tutor had an answer for every question I asked, and with their help I got a 180 when I took the test.”

High Marks on TrustPilot.


Valuable LSAT Prep at Affordable Prices

The price of tutoring and self-study materials is relatively affordable compared to other LSAT prep materials out there. I highly recommend their tutoring as it has helped me personalize my study and focus on areas that I have most difficulty and begin to improve in those areas specifically. Overall my experience has been great!
Abraham Herrera May 08

Worked decently well for me!

The on demand course format accessibly for a year ended up being exactly what I needed, because I was too burnt out to study when I originally planned to. My tutor (Caroline) was great at helping me study and she also helped me work on my app materials! My score only went up 4 points via practice and 3 points on my final test but I think this has more to do with my lack of rigorous study schedule. But my score did what was needed!
Briana Payton Apr 05

LSATMax is great- the modules are…

LSATMax is great- the modules are broken down just right and easy to understand. I get plenty of practice as well as instruction. Nate has been my tutor, and he is a rockstar at explaining things and helping me make connections.
Monica Mar 30

Only thing stopping this from being a 5…

Only thing stopping this from being a 5 in my opinion is the occasional typo, I think I've only found 2 so far, in the study questions for various topics. And I noticed one overlapping question stem in Kahn Academy's free version. That being said I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the expertise provided by my tutors I am the kind of student who prefers a specified one-on-one learning environment. As well as the lecturers because I can select any topic at a given time to work on. I never took any form of preparation before a standardized test but the LSAT felt to important to not try my absolute best so I appreciate the effort and the option to have this service available.

If you want to improve/crush your LSAT, LSATMax is going to be your best friend.

If you want to improve/crush your LSAT, LSATMax is going to be your best friend. The program supplies the individual with an amazing toolkit for success. It is a well organized program which tracks your progress, has amazing informational videos that support a smooth learning process, and also has amazing tutors who are knowledgeable and care about your journey. The program even has a special analytic features to support the student in seeing their problem areas, as well as, their successful areas. I enjoy the live office hours. Another great feature is, if you miss the office hours and wanted to see what they worked on, you have the ability to go back and watch them. Mehran and Jessica care about their community and are very accessible....
Zoe Jan 31

TestMax offers the most comprehensive…

TestMax offers the most comprehensive study program for the most affordable price compared to competitors on the market. Their tutors are also some of the most intellectual and practical teachers I've ever encountered and helped me reach me potential.
Elliot Efrat Jan 31

So far it’s just been amazing

So far it’s just been amazing. The curriculum is thorough , mehran is a huge help, and my private tutor is fantastic. Would recommend !!
Leigh Gerber Jan 08

163 to 178

By sticking to LSATMax's flexible yet rigorous program and utilizing office hours with their excellent tutors, I was able to improve my score from a 163 to a 178. LSATMax is intuitive and easy to use; and, most importantly, the LSATMax team is constantly innovating, exploring new strategies and methods to get an edge on its competition. Indeed, I would recommend LSATMax to anyone at any point in their LSAT journey.
Devon Page Nov 30

Practice + Tutoring = EFFORTLESS performance!

Before LSATMax, I was taking an hour on each logic game. My LR wasn't all there either. I jumped in with both feet and learned tricks to all the games within my first week. But I really wish I had taken advantage of the 1-1 tutoring earlier on. After only 3 one-hour sessions, I was breezing through logic games, armed with the tricks and tips the 99% use. My LR and RC scores improved proportional to the time I spent running through test questions and reading the reasons why the answers were correct or incorrect. This has been invaluable feedback, since the question types and trick answers repeat over and over. Best investment in time and money with people who really understand the LSAT and break it down. I put off the LSAT for 20 ...
Scott C. Sep 28

The self-paced mode is great

The self-paced mode is great. The prerecorded lectures are very thorough and informative. The explanations and discussion board are super helpful for getting questions answered and clarity on questions. They also go a long way in personalizing everything and making sure that each student can maximize their score. Having used the first hour of free tutoring I will say that it was super helpful not only in the micro of different problems etc but also the macro as to what the plan and the focus should be leading up to the lsat.
Dalton Sawyer Jul 11

paying customer

The next best option to in person is online... right? It depends. I think testmax does online very well. Navigating the LSAT so far is as close to learning a new language as I think one can get without the language payoff. Anyway, the site is good maybe very good. The cost of tutoring is too much.
Tramaine Oden Jun 21

I highly recommend Ravi Reddy

I had a terrific experience with TestMaxprep and their tutor Ravi Reddy. I struggled with understanding the best approach to preparing for the LSAT. Ravi was very helpful and had the knowledge to thoroughly answer my questions. I highly recommend using him as a Tutor!
Ralph Hasegawa May 20

My recent experience has been great

My recent experience has been great! Ravi Reddy was my tutor and was extremely helpful and patient. I used the tutoring services with the company and it really was such a great choice!
Laura Stoicoviciu May 18

I used the tutoring services at TestMax to bring my score up 8 points and get into my dream law school

I used the tutoring services at TestMax for my LSAT and had a great experience! Ravi Reddy was my tutor and was the best. He helped to bring my score up 8 points and helped to polish my applications. I got into my dream law school and owe a big thank you to Ravi and TestMax!
Shannon Schulz May 15

Tutoring With Ravi Increased My Score Expeditiously

I want to give a major shout out to Ravi for tutoring me. At the beginning of this year my average PT was 161. I could not improve anymore on my own. By the grace of God I was able to get connected with Ravi in March and by April my PT average increased to 168. I increased 7 points in a month based solely on his customized study plan. Thanks to him I feel more confident and ready to take the official exam. If you are stuck and need any assistance I highly encourage you to run and contact him. My only regret is that I didn’t get in contact with him sooner.
Shawn May 11

Excellent Tutors

The tutors and customer support for LSAT Max are the best! Truly enjoy how the tutors teach and explain complex terminology.
Joseph Rocco May 10

Ravi from LSAT Max was extremely…

Ravi from LSAT Max was extremely helpful in answering my questions and was listening to me the entire time. He also helped me with whatever I needed during my tutor session, such as giving different strategies to tackle a problem.
Matthew Tzorfas May 09

LSAT Max Tutoring w/ Ravi

I did a handful of tutoring sessions with Ravi. He put me on a study plan that included drilling, practice testing, and blind review. The drilling schedule was particularly useful for mastering logic games. I don’t think I would’ve scored in the 170s without Ravi’s help. He’s extremely knowledgeable about the LSAT and a great educator!
Kelly Hall May 08

Ravi Reddy is always a great tutor

Ravi Reddy is always a great tutor. He is great at creating game plans and providing great insight to complicated problems.
Mosie Foley May 08

Best Tutor (Ravi Reddy) and Great Interface

I used LSAT tutoring services with the company, and it was great! Ravi was my tutor... I highly recommend you work with him. He is very patient and helpful and knows what to do if you want to score high (he got a 180 on his LSAT).
Sarah May 08
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