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What are the Benefits of a Good LSAT Score?

Did you know your LSAT score is the #1 determining factor in law school acceptance and scholarships? Enter your starting score and target score to see how it could affect your law career.

*151 is average LSAT score

Below are some examples of law schools you could be accepted to.

With Starting Score

RankingLaw SchoolMedian LSAT Score

Vs. Target Score

RankingLaw SchoolMedian LSAT Score

Let’s Talk Scholarships..

There are a lot of factors that can affect scholarship such as GPA, financial need, etc.. Let’s see how your score impacts you.

A higer score means more money for law school... Yes, seriously—90% of students with an LSAT score of 166 or above receive merit scholarships.

Enter your GPA:

Here are some scholarship possibilities with your target score of

** Data is an approximation for merit-based scholarships considering GPA and LSAT Score.

You can see that a higher score could save you a lot of money!

How about your potential salary...?

Data for private sector firms.

LSAT Score: 150
starting salary
LSAT Score: 160
starting salary
LSAT Score: 165+
starting salary
That means increasing your score by 20 points could increase your salary by more than 100K!
Good thing we increase our students score on average by 18 points
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LSATMax students raise their score an average of +18 points.