LSATMax Pre Law Internship

LSATMax is recruiting highly motivated college students and recent college grads with law school dreams to join our dynamic, fast-growing company for a paid internship!

Our internship will give you exposure to the future of the legal profession, and supercharge your law school dreams. You will get regular access to senior executives, including regular sessions with our founder, who is a Harvard Law School alum. You will be an extension of our brand voice, keeping us directly in touch with our customers, bringing you inside the company to keep us focused and fresh. Also, if you are an existing LSATMax student we will refund your course.

Internship Details

Main Information

Job Title:
Pre-Law Intern at TestMax Inc.

$5,000 ($60 per hour)

14 weeks long x 6 hours per week


  • Lead student organization outreach
  • Manage the production of video and written content for our blog and social media feeds


  • Previous experience with outreach and/ or content creation OR tell us how your previous experience can be applied to the responsibilities
  • Interest in attending law school


Your Information:

✓ Valid
✓ Valid

Law School Dreams:

Let's get specific on your law school dreams and why you feel this internship is a position where you can add unique value.

Feel free to tell us about work experience or academic training that may be applicable to the role here.

LSATMax and You:

We are excited to hear your feedback and see how you could positively impact our brand if selected. Show us what you got!

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Note: The Legal Level is available (for free) on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

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A Few of our Recent Hires

Many of our interns have gone on to get high LSAT scores and into top law schools.


LSAT Score: 166

Hope is a fourth year UCLA Political Science student and the Pre-Law Marketing Intern at LSATMax. Her goal is to attend law school within the next few years. She actively champions for youth empowerment and won the 2021 FSF Scholarship for designing compression technology for the hardworking Gen Z.


LSAT Score: 178

Abby began her LSAT journey in March 2020 with a diagnostic in the 150s, and raised her score to a 178 on the June 2021 LSAT-Flex. She knows firsthand how learnable the LSAT is, and is excited to help students develop the skills they need to succeed on the exam.


LSAT Score: 169

Max is a rising senior at Duke University studying marine biology, music, and economics. When he is not struggling to make sense of Logical Reasoning stimuli, he enjoys writing, recording, and producing music with his band W4VE.

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