Let's Talk MPRE

Let's take a moment to chat about the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE). Your next chance to take it is March 28, 2015. Since that date is rapidly approaching, we thought we should talk about how you should approach this exam.

'the National Conference of Bar Examiners administers the MPRE, and each jurisdiction determines what a 'passing score' is. The exam is a two hour, 60-question multiple-choice test on professional responsibility. A lot of students opt to take the test in March, so that they can take a course on professional responsibility in the fall.

Now, how should you go about studying for this exam?

  1. Grab Your Prep Materials
    Thankfully the days of having to pay for MPRE prep ended when BarMax launched in 2010. We offer law students a free MPRE course that includes outlines, audio lectures, flashcards and multiple choice questions. Listen to the audio lecture, look over the outline, and take the practice questions. BarMax is also currently offering MPRE OPE I for only $24.99 (this exam retails for $35 in the NCBE online store).

  2. Study
    We know we mentioned this in the above paragraph, but it's important. However, you really shouldn't fret over spending an exorbitant amount of time studying since it's still a rule-based exam that is pretty straight forward. Set aside some time to study and review the material. Take those practice questions and analyze whether or not you need to spend more time studying.

  3. Practice
    As with everything else in life, practice on the MPRE is key. Go over the practice questions available to you. As we mentioned, BarMax is having a promotion right now on additional practice questions if you run out. Remember, don't just answer the questions, take the time to really analyze them. Piece a part each question and figure out why you got it incorrect or more importantly, why you got it correct. If you don't remember the rule, write it down to memorize later. Another thing practice will help you with is your timing.

  4. Test Day
    Be aware of the rules, regulations and restrictions revolving around test day. There are very strict rules of what you can and cannot bring to the testing site. Make sure to know exactly what time the exam starts, where the exam is, and how to get to your location. Remember to wear layers, as you don't know whether or not the air conditioner will be on full blast or completely off. Bring a snack so you can recharge during the exam!

  5. Relax
    This is an important exam, but don't make it a bigger deal than it is. Worst-case scenario, you can take the exam again in a few months. Remember that perspective is key. If you go into test day with confidence, chances are you'll come out with a smile.

Remember, if you are currently a 2L planning to take the MPRE after fall semester of your 3L year, try taking a Professional Responsibility or Ethics course in the fall to prepare. Also, use your MPRE prep and study materials as an opportunity to vet potential bar prep course providers. It is up to you to decide what the best bar prep course is. Really see whether you're satisfied with your MPRE course, since it's a great indicator of what to expect from that company's bar exam review course.

And lastly, though you really shouldn't sweat the MPRE, make sure to leave enough time to re-take it just in case.  A failing MPRE score could prevent you from getting your bar license even if you pass the bar exam, so don't slack off by taking the last possible MPRE available!

Alright, hope that was helpful!

Happy Studying!