True Life Villains: Evil Lawyers

As your bar prep is probably now well under way, we're sure you're second-guessing your entire legal career decision. Prepping for the bar exam can do that to even the most avid legal enthusiasts. We wanted to help you strengthen your passion to uphold justice by sharing with you some true stories of appalling attorneys out in the world-the likes of which you'll hopefully crush once you get sworn in!

Here are a few examples of some real-life lawyers who are truly horrible people:

  1. Thomas Lowe - Sex Ain't Free
    This attorney takes the cake in meticulous billing. Lowe was a divorce lawyer from Minnesota who represented a long-term acquaintance of his in her divorce. After working many hours together, they started having sexual relations. Not only was his client still married, but Lowe was, as well. The best part is that Lowe began to bill his client for the hours that they were having sexual relations. Don't worry-he itemized the entire list so she knew exactly what she was paying for. Lowe's license was suspended and he was barred from practicing the law for 15 months, at which point he can apply to be reinstated, provided he completes the professional responsibility portion of the bar exam again.
  2. Michael Winner Will Take Sexual IOUs 
    Winner was a criminal defense attorney from Georgia. Being a busy lawyer, Winner wanted to figure out the best way to optimize all the time he spent in prisons. So he killed two birds with one stone by representing his clients in prison, while also getting a few peepshows on the side. Winner exchanged contraband items and free legal service for peepshows from the other side of the glass partition in the prison's private attorney/client room. He even bartered legal service for sexual IOUs whenever the inmates were released from prison. Eventually, one of the inmates complained, and he was arrested for three counts of 'unlawful trading' with inmates. Talk about tit for tat!
  3. John Milton Steals Money From Orphans
    Milton represented a tragic case involving four little girls losing their parents in a car crash. Milton sued the tire manufacturer and the automaker of the car that malfunctioned, winning a very large settlement for the orphans. However, he subsequently proceeded to withdraw the settlement money from the bank using counterfeit court documents ordering disbursements made out to him. He emptied the girls- account and left them with no money. He did this again four years later to a young boy he represented who was injured in an automobile accident. Eventually, however, federal investigation got in the way of his evil schemes.

There's a lot of corruption out there. That's where you step in with your J.D. in one arm and cape floating behind you. Continue working hard on your bar prep so that you can pass the July 2014 bar exam and start fighting the ridiculous amount of evil in the world.

Happy Studying!