Item removed from scoring.

Raquel on September 3, 2017

Item removed from scoring?

What does this mean?

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Mehran on September 6, 2017

Hi @raquel9595, thanks for your post. When you are told that an item was removed from scoring, it means that the LSAT writers decided, after the test was administered, that a particular question should be removed from scoring for some reason. In such cases, the question does not count at all — it is entirely removed from the final test score.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Sierra on December 27 at 07:34PM

Question regarding a question like this: When we test on our test day and they remove a question from our test does that question count towards our score? This confuses me as well... Thanks.

Ravi on December 27 at 10:12PM


Great question. When you test on a given test day and the test writers decide to remove a question from your test, the question no longer counts toward your score. Here's an example of how this works:

Let's say you sit for an LSAT in June and there are 101 questions on it. You take the test, and there are 101 questions. You answer them all.

Then, when you get your score back, you receive a copy of the test questions (let's assume this is a disclosed test), and you see that one of the questions was removed from scoring. So now, the test effectively has 100 questions. Although you answered the question that was tossed out, whether or not you answered it correctly no longer matters since the test writers have removed the question from the test. Let's say you got 80 questions right. This would mean you got 80/100 questions correct on the test. For the 101st question, whether or not you got it right is irrelevant, as it's no longer part of the test.

Does this make sense? Let me know if you have any other questions!