Quality control investigator: Upon testing samples of products from our supplier that were sent by our field inspect...

MichelleRod on September 9, 2017

Why not C?

Saying the inspector went to "various" manufacturing locations indicates that he or she didn't go to all of them, so why doesn't C work? How can we discount the possibility that the locations not visited have a much lower defect rate, effectively bringing the average below the contractually required 5%?

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Mehran on September 14, 2017

Hi @MichelleRod, thanks for your post.

It doesn't matter whether the defects are clustered in just a few sites, or instead spread more evenly across a larger number of sites. The "supplier is contractually required to limit to rate of defects among items it manufactures"--on the aggregate--to below 5%.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any additional questions.