Parent P: Children will need computer skills to deal with tomorrow's world. Computers should be introduced in kin...

Jacob on October 10, 2017


Can you please explain the correct answer


Mehran on October 10, 2017

Hi @JayDee8732, thanks for your post. This is a specific type of Weaken question; specifically, you are asked to help Parent P weaken Parent Q's argument.

Let's first examine the stimulus carefully. Parent P says that because children will need computer skills to deal with tomorrow's world, computers should be introduced to kids in kindergarten, and computer languages should be required in high school.

In reply, Parent Q contends that any such skills (whether taught in kindergarten or in high school) would be obsolete by the time these kids become adults.

OK, how can we counter Parent Q's argument?

Answer choice (C) helps us do exactly this. It says: "In the process of learning to work with any computer or computer language, children increase their ability to interact with computer technology."

If this is true, then even if the specific technologies the kids learn in kindergarten through high school are obsolete by the time those kids are adults, the SKILLS these kids will learn, more generally, will still increase their ability to handle computer technologies as adults.

Hope this helps!

Fiona on September 5, 2020

Why not D?

I anticipated the skills aspect for the correct answer choice, but I thought this would apply to D since once you learn to drive a car, you're basically set with this skill for life.

Could you explain why D is not an appropriate answer choice?