Richard: Because it fails to meet the fundamental requirement of art-that it represent-abstract art will eventually b...

CJ on October 15, 2017

Question help

I identified this question as a point at issue question. I went on to be tricked by the question. I understand why all of the incorrect answers are wrong, but I do not understand why e is correct. It seems to me that Jung-su ceded the fact that abstract art is representational "makers of abstract art choose to represent..." Could you help me understand where I went wrong? Thank you,

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Mehran on October 16, 2017

Hi @Walker, thanks for your post. This is indeed tricky.

How would Richard and Jung-Su answer the following question: Is abstract art representational?

Richard would say no (abstract art "fails to meet the fundamental requirement of art - that it represent . . .").

Jung-Su would say yes! ("Although artists . . . may reject literal representation, makers of abstract art choose to represent . . .").

Thus, these two disagree over whether abstract art is representational. This is why answer choice (E) is correct. Hope this helps!

jing jing on September 6, 2020

But Why is D wrong? I thought Richard says abstract art is aberration and JungSu says abstract art is mainstream art? Sorry I don't understand why D would be wrong. Thank you