Which one of the following could be an accurate account of all the kinds of material recycled at each recycling cente...

sxy14a on October 16, 2017

Please Explain the Answer

Hello there, could you please explain the answer for this question? Thanks!

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Austin on October 25, 2017

Happy to.

Right off the bat, we can eliminate C, as not all items recycled at Cnter 2 are recycled at Center 1.

Next we can eliminate D, as glass and plastic cannot be recycled at the same location.

Next goes E, as two centers cannot both recycle plastic.

Finally, A is out, as Center 3 recycles wood but not newsprint.

This leaves only B as the possible correct answer.

MsLaurenLorde on January 13, 2018

Why can't two centers both recycle plastic?

Mehran on January 15, 2018

Hi @MsLaurenLorde, thanks for your post. There is a video explanation available for this game; if you click "view" and then hit the little "play" button (the right arrowhead), you can watch our setup explanation.

Hope this helps.